Sep 15, 2012

Quilt Exp 2012

As you know I promised you photos from Wisconsin's Quilt Expo 2012 a few days ago.  Well here they are.  I am sorry but I don't always take a photo of the entire quilt but only the technique I am interested in or a friend may be interested to see.
It was really good show this year and this is only a sampling.  They seemed to have finally gotten better at who they are allowing in the show.
Here is are the alphabet quilts made by the same artist.  Her workmanship is outstanding.

 Do not know who this lady is but the quilt was surrounded and I just had to squeeze in to get a photo.
 The always beautiful Baltimore Album Quilt.  This one was LOADED!
 I like this basket quilt because of the way they did the flowers and stems.  Evidently the judges did too.

 I loved the button bottom on this quilt.  Those are two hands on the lower left side releasing butterflies and petals.

 Embroidery on this quilt added alot and I though Debra would enjoy this.

Linda Roys Unbelievable quilt this year.  She is amazing and even though she wins each year, usually best of show, she did not this year and I thought she should have.

 Wished I knew the artist for this one.  It was a winner so I will look her up once they get their website updated.  Loved this piece.

Some more embroidery used on a quilt.  Just for you Debra.

An old fashioned looking basket quilt but Oh my the quilting on this one.

Beautiful Stars

A wonderful fish and turtle quilt.  There was lots of sparkle added to it too. Love how she did the water.

 Another beautifully constructed quilt with outstanding quilting.

 This is a full view of the alphabet quilt show at the beginning of this post.  I had to go back and get it.  Still people standing right in front though.
So that is all the photos I took.  There are many more beautiful ones there and everyone who entered should be proud of their accomplishments.

Here is what I have spent my time on!   These muffin top pin cusions in zinc canning jar covers which will be for sale on Etsy.  I salvaged some blocks off of an old quilt that had been used in the back of a pickup truck or something and was torn and stained but several of the handsewn blocks were still in good shape.  Each time I made one I thought of the woman who worked so hard hand piecing all these one inch squares for hours and feel good that a few have been saved
for another life. 


Debra Dixon said...

The alphabet quilt is from Janet Stone. She's making one for each letter of the alphabet. She's usually a big Houston category winner too. Love her work. She's a picture framer & you can tell she is used to accuracy when working.

I recognized a few others from Houston too.

Thanks for thinking of me, Barbara! Some excellent quilts in your photo collection, for sure!

WoolenSails said...

You really have some wonderful quilters and artists in your area. Gorgeous quilt show, love seeing the details, amazing work.


Knatolee said...

Wow. Really outstanding work!

Libby Fife said...

Those photos are great! This is stuff I wouldn't get to see otherwise so thank you. All the quilts are wonderful but I like that second piece that the woman is standing in front of. Just something about it:)

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