Nov 21, 2014


Some birch trees added ....more will come .  Must have a lot of patience making is repetitious but relaxing at the same time. 

Nov 20, 2014


Made some progress today....lots more to come.....feel good with what got accomplished today.


Well, this does not look like much of anything but it is quilted and ready.  Most of it will be covered by what is planned so no need to make it any more complicated then this. 

This cold and windy weather has brought many varieties of woodpeckers to the suet feeder .  This one is so beautiful with his bright red head.

Nov 15, 2014


Working on The Hickory Tree was a lot of fun from start to finish.  It was made easier because I have two of these right outside of my window in my studio so I could always glance out there for a reference.  I love texture and this piece has all the texture you could want.  Now available for sale in my etsy shoppe HERE.

Thank you for joining me on this journey...hope you come along for the next one.  I am feeling a need to go "under water"!

Nov 14, 2014


17 3/4" X 26 3/4"
Original Design
Raw Edged Fused Applique
Machine Quilted
Couched Yarn Binding

This quilt will be for sale in my Etsy can go there by clicking on it in my sidebar.
I will post the journey of this piece tomorrow.

Nov 13, 2014


Well, all the bark has been and quilted down as well as the leaves and nuts.   All that I have left to finish is the binding edge and the sleeve to hang it.  Hopefully that will happen in the next few days.  Great relaxing fun working on this tree.  Always a good thing for me to do after a much larger complicated piece. 

Nov 6, 2014


Love building trees......have fused down the trunk and added leaves and a few nuts.  Will quilt these down before beginning the bark and adding more leaves. 

Today is a day to stay in the warm studio.  The high winds and cold temperatures make indoor work the perfect solution.  This is definitely a full winter like day.  I have a feeling this is going to be the harsh winter that is being predicted because it is beginning early just like last year.  So getting out the gloves, mitten, scarves and hats today.

Nov 4, 2014


I like to make my large trees with a background fabric all fused and cutout first.  Then I can place the smaller pieces of bark on top of the background using it as the shading and outlining of each piece.  I have pinned it on to the quilts background where I like it.  I have left the fusible paper on it because I first want to put on leaves and nuts That will be behind the trunk and some of the branches.  Only then will I fuse it on and begin the bark.   So leaves next.  

Oct 31, 2014


 Finished my background and quilted it.  It took the majority of the day but it is a good day to stay inside anyway.
The wind is incredible as you can see from our flag which I view from my studio window!   Actually almost blew me over this morning.  It is from the north and brought with it winter temperatures and a few snow flakes.  Definitely a mitten day and a fire in the fireplace!

Oct 30, 2014


 Felt like diving into a new piece I had been thinking of doing while working on "The Farmhouse".
So chose my fabrics and put fusible on these pieces so they were ready to go.

I cut them randomly into strips and assembled them from dark to light for my sky.  Then quilted them down.   I like using this technique is the most like painting to me.....Sometimes I use larger pieces...sometimes strips like this.....but it is always fun to do.
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