May 27, 2015


I have been quilting the grasses on this piece for a couple of days now.   When doing this I have to take breaks as it is very tedious and there is a lot of eye strain involved.   I am almost finished and hoping to finish all of the grass by tomorrow morning.   I am using two different variegated threads one dark green and the other a tan light green.  It is working out nicely.

May 24, 2015


I made the pond and added it and the grasses , rocks and shadows to this piece.  They are fused on but not yet quilted.  I am not a fan of "cheater" fabric but do like to use it when making grasses that are too far away to make them out of individual pieces.  They are great to use as a guide to make it all look natural and once it is quilted you will hardly be able to tell I used it.

I am hoping to quilt this section this week so stay tuned to see how it works out.

May 21, 2015


Just too beautiful not to go out for a walk where I live in Wisconsing.  We are not only by the Kettle Moraine forest but also close to a lot of wetlands as you can see.  The birds are so abundant and you can hardly miss seeing them and all of their splendor.   So inspiring to use some day in my art.

May 20, 2015


How about a few trees and some shadows to set the mood of this piece.   More to come but so far it is coming along as I hoped for.

So much going on this month....mother's day, my birthday, my son's birthday, my daughter's birthday!!!   All fun and joyous events.
Next month will be my mother's 91st bday which I am hosting and then Father's day and my husband and my summer continues to be full.

Hope all is well in your lives...and you continue to follow along with me in this journey.

May 14, 2015


The past week has seen two other unsuccessful skies.....until this....the third sky....More how I wanted it to look.  The rest of the background has also been fused and quilted on.   Now my "canvas" is ready for this piece to come together.

I do not worry wasting time on unsuccessful tries because I always save them and I know one day those other two failures will be exactly what I need for a new piece and how nice that will be when it is all finished and just needs to be fused on when that day comes.

May 6, 2015


 Of course you always begin with your fabric selection.  I chose to keep this sky more neutral but added in some blue just so it reads as a sky.

Once the fabric is selected I cut pieces of it dependent on how much I need to fill the area that is sky and then iron fusible on the back, trim it, tear off the paper on the fusible and stack them to I can cut them in strips all together.

 Now I have a pile of strips to use on my sky.

I add them in one at a time.  Since this landscape will have a hill on the right I make sure to place those strips closer together to make the happen.  I made a good start today.

 Here is my sunflower quilt where I used large chunks for the sky in order to create a stormy windy day.
I also chose to create the field these flowers are near in large furrows of plowed fired.  You can use whatever you feel to convey the message you are attempting to send.

I am happy to start again....spring brings so many new outdoor jobs that it is much more difficult to spend time in the studio until it is all finished and I am close now.   Hope you all follow me on this journey.

Apr 24, 2015


35" X 20 3/4"
Available Here

Creating this quilt was a joy and an escape.  My life was a bit chaotic during the creation process but it took me away into the beautiful life beneath the surface of the ocean and in doing so was joyful to work on.  It depicts tropical fish, tropical ocean plant life, a grumpy crab and bubbles floating to the surface.  I hope you enjoy the detail shots below and the journey of this art quilt.


It was a long journey but it was so worthwhile.  I hope you agree.............Barbara

Apr 21, 2015


I have been very fortunate to have been asked to submit this quilt along with a few words to
"Machine Quilting Unlimited" Magazine for their May/June Issue.  I am so honored to be a contributor. 

Apr 19, 2015


Do you ever just feel a bit crabby?   Well that is exactly how I feel now.....and it seems the feeling is still growing!!!   

Progress contintues...more additions to come but must make this guy first.

Apr 16, 2015


I have been both busy with the finishing of our lower level...moving furniture down there...hanging art and clocks (my husband Bob collects antique clocks) and new furniture coming to replace it for the upstairs....along with a very bad has not left much time in my studio.  However, I recently have felt better and so have been able to quilt new additions to the piece.  Here is my progress "under the needle". 
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