Oct 27, 2014


 Take the journey with me.........

....to the completion of "The Farmhouse".

Oct 26, 2014


38" X 23"
Original design, rawedged fused applque & domestic machine quilted by me.
 Stretched on stretcher bars.

 Close up of bark and machine quilting on tree

 Close up of red fall leaves on small shrub

 Horse and Farmhouse

Pair of horses in the field

Oct 25, 2014


 All seasons bring beauty to our landscapes.  Here is the view from my bedroom window early this week on a frosty morning.

 Sunrise was spectacular through the forest in our backyard.

There is a mystical quality to frost as it coats the fall foliage,  leaving a beautiful contrast between color and white.

Oct 20, 2014


Two were not enough....had to add one more to add depth as well as movement.
Now I will let it set a bit and see if more is needed or if I am happy with this as is.

Oct 17, 2014


Seems once again....you gotta have horses.....so far...TWO.

Oct 11, 2014


I am very close now.....to the end....Just the foreground to do yet. 

Things have been a bit of a muddle.  My Mother is home but it means care and watching over her.
This week I will take 3 days to be there, other brothers and sisters will take the others.  Then there are still some final outdoor landscaping projects to finish before winter so I steal time for the studio here and there because I have learned that even if you can only work for an hour it pays off.

Hope you are enjoying this journey with me.

Oct 7, 2014


 I have been doing my best to work as much as I can on this piece.  It is difficult right now because my Mother has come home on Sat. and before my sister can move in we are all taking turns staying with her.   However, progress is being made and I should have the partially finished pine done tomorrow.

I am very fortunate that my house is nestled in the Kettle Moraine State Forest so when I need to stretch a bit I can now take a walk into the woods and clear my thoughts as well as stretch my legs.  This little entry is right off our side yard.

 There are no mosquitos now...we had a frost the other night.  So walking in the leaves and with yellowing leaves overhead is like heaven.

I love the sharp contrast of the black dark bark and the lime green leaves, the verticals and the horizontals,  the sounds....and sometimes the absence of sound.   It is better then meditation, better then going to a spa, better then most everything.

Oct 2, 2014


Love getting up in the morning and being surrounded by the beauty of the fall season and then privileged to view the wild life that I share this property with.

Sep 30, 2014


Still working on the placement of the next few objects in this scene.   You will have to wait to see where these are moved to  but they will be in this general location.    I can also see some of the colors need to be changed as well when testing the layout like this.

Sep 25, 2014


 I have been spending the last few days quilting these trees along with a third one not shown here.
This takes a long time but is worth the work.

NOTE:   I was asked about the size of this piece so thought I would add that to my post.  It will be approzimately 38" X 24" when finished.

In between I take breaks and walk the dogs outside and work on my rock terrace garden that runs down our front yard.
The soil is pretty lousy and there are a lot of rocks and stones in it.  There are two levels but the second one further down is just mulched for now and I will plant it next spring.  For now the first row is all sedum and russian sage.   Great for attracting bees and butterflies and also survivors in this type of situation.
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