Jan 18, 2015


Please excuse my absence for a while....my husband is in the midst of a health crisis and needs all of my attention right now.  Hoping for improvement this week.  Thank you for understanding.

Jan 9, 2015


19 X 26 inches
Original Design
Rawedged fused applique
Fabric marker shadowing
Machine Quilted


Jan 7, 2015


This little guy is all quilted.   Now all that is left to do is the trimming, binding, sleeve and pocket.

Jan 6, 2015


 As most of you know I always start with a sketch on tissue paper.  I like to place it where I plan on using it to make sure the size is right and the pose and the position.

 I cut a thin piece of background fabric to place all the feathers on.

 The eyes and tiny and require a lot of patience to cut out.

 I use the tissue to place all the eye parts.

 He looks very wierd here but you must have faith that once all this comes together and he gets a
haircut....or should I say a feather cut...he will look oh so much better.

 Better but still pretty crazy.

The feather trim helped a lot...see what did I tell you.   Now the tail feathers which are furthest back go on.

 Then the wing feathers are constructed and placed on.  Chest feathers are added and he is done.

Saw Whet Owls are very small....maybe around 7 or 8 inches.  So he sits up on this little tree like a tree top ornament.  Now to quilt him which will make his feathers come alive.

Jan 4, 2015


Finished working on the pine tree for the most part.....next comes a surprise....you will have to stay tuned as I am not telling.

Jan 3, 2015


 Had a day to work in the studio today.  It snowed last night so had shoveling to do etc and did not go into town to work on Bob's shop that he is closing up.  So it was an unexpected treat to have a full day to work on this new piece.   I started by adding two branches to the main trunk.  I quilted the bark and then added the needles. 

Once I finished the two new branches I added a third to the foreground and proceeded to quilt the bark and add needles.  This was pretty much an entire days work but lots of progress was made.

Jan 2, 2015


 No better time then the present to start a new piece.  This one is smaller, approximately 20"X26".
The background is quilted first.  I do not want the background to be too complicated in this piece so kept it a whole cloth.
 The beginning with what goes on first I begin my tree top.  This is a log needle pine with a lot of brown needles. Since the needles overlap depending on the branch they are on I have to keep thinking as I quilt them on.

This is as far as I can go before adding more branches further down.   I am happy with it so far...the background faded out a bit in these two photos...it is more like the top one so there is good contrast between the tree and the background.

Jan 1, 2015


34" X 18"
Original Design
Raw Edged fused Applique
Machine quilted
Framed on Stretcher Bars


It is available in my Etsy Shoppe here:  HERE 
NOTE:  This piece has Sold. 

Dec 25, 2014




Dec 13, 2014


 A long time ago when I first started making art quilts,  I used a lot of what is called "cheater fabric"  when making scenes.  This is fabric printed with trees or grass or fruit etc.  At some point I realized the difference in a preprinted tree and a tree made from scratch with your own bark etc.   However, I still use this fabric in some cases.  Here is an example.  I have this fabric of grasses in the snow.
Just what I am looking for.
 So I cut it out in order to just get the naturalness and shape that I like.  I can also move the shapes I cut out around to decide exactly where I want them and how much I want in an area.  Once I make those decisions I snip the top edge to loosen it up ...all done at random just snip snip snip.  Once that is done I fuse them in the locations I chose. 

Then I thread paint them......the fabric fills the gaps between the lines of thread and blends it all together with it ending in a nice natural look.   I always add a few lines before and after the section to blend it into the background and add small "tufts" of grass here and there around the area of the large piece as it would be in nature.   Most would not know there is any fabric behind it.
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