Apr 23, 2014

More Details Added

After my first post today below .... I made some good progress on the details of this sweet fellow.  So now he is ready to be quilted.  I changed his placement on the background from where he was originally positioned with the tracing paper.  By having his beak overlap the border you get instant 3 dimension.  A good trick to use from time to time.


Working on fusing the major parts of this bird.  I hope to add the details in today and then most of the shading will be done with thread.  Lots of quilting on this sweet fellow.

Apr 22, 2014


 Was sort of stuck after my last art quilt....nothing coming to mind to inspire me to begin a new piece.  When this happens I always go to the birds.  Birds inspire me and I have thought of doing a Puffin for a long time.  I love how graphic the markings are on this bird.  I have had this in my "Ideas" folder for a while and it appears today is that day to make him into art.
So I made my background and border and quilted them both. 

I had sketched the puffin first so knew how big to make the blue background.  Now I will begin to make this beautiful bird with the happy kind eyes.

Apr 20, 2014

Intruder In The Bath

 "Great Day For A Bath"

 "Water Is So Nice"


 "Splish Splash......

 "....I was takin a Bath"



 "Get Outta Here!"

"Some Birds Have A Lot of Nerve"


Apr 18, 2014

The Intruder

I have sold another quilt today.  How very fortunate I feel  to have two sales in one week.
This happens to be a piece I love and I am happy to see someone else feels the same.  It will be going to a private collector in British Columbia.   Seems my Canada friends are liking my work.  Thank you Canada!

Apr 17, 2014


20 1/2" X 31
Interpretation from photograph taken by Natalie Rowe
Rawedged fused applique
Machine quilted
SOLD to a Private Collector

I hope all of you enjoyed this journey with me.  It was an unexpected journey  as today when I finished this piece the owner of this farm reported that she took the light colored lab, Sophie into the vets for a check up because she was limping.  Turned out to be cancer and she had to be put to sleep.  Such a beautiful dog gone too soon.

I am so sad, yet happy that I added these two dogs to this piece.  Now Sophie will live on the farm where she was so happy with her buddy Tristan.

Apr 14, 2014

Ducks Ducks Ducks

 Last night and today I worked on the ducks.   Lots of single feathers to add on to each one.

The feathers will be blended together better with the use of thread...I am excited to bring them to life with the quilting now.  Details in the beaks and feet will also be added with the thread.  It is the quilting that transforms them .

Getting ready to begin.....this may take a few days.  Once the ducks are quilting more will be added.

Apr 13, 2014

Grasses & A Couple of Labs

 Productive weekend due to rain rain rain.  2 inches last night...2 more tonight...flood warnings out...but we are high so no worries for us.   Then it changes to SNOW!  It better melt right away because tulips and daffodils are up now and grass is slightly on the green side.

So worked on the grass beyond the barn ...then the cultivated field...adding some lumpy dirt.  Next came the chopped grain stalks left due to flooded field.

In this process I thought this scene called for the two dogs who live here.  They are both Labs, Sophie and Tristan.   Although not in the original plan...you must admit they have added a great feel and a bit of charm to this piece.

Apr 8, 2014

Birch Tree

I have added the birch tree to the background, using individual leaves in a soft yellow.  I like the addition of this color to the scene and the background.  Hopefully I will quilt it this afternoon and then move forward into that grassy area in front of it.

Most of my time has been outside.  Not only has it been in the 50's but it has been sunny and not windy which is a big change from our long winter.  So had to start walking with dogs again which has made them so happy as well as the big job of yard cleanup.  Now all the beds are raked and cleaned up in both the front and back of the house and last night we got some rain so there are signs of tulips and daffodils poppy through the mulch.   I know there might be some bad weather up ahead yet but at least there are the signs of the end of winter out there now.
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