Jan 31, 2016


 Sunflowers are gorgeous in the summer time.  So vibrant and strong in their stance.  However, winter sunflowers are quiet, dark and bent.  They have lived their lives and are now left to feed wildlife during the cold winter days before the seeds they drop begin anew in spring.  I photographed this one in a field nearby.  It is the subject of "Winter Sunflower".
I sketched it out on tissue paper the size that I wanted it to be.

Construction begins with quilting the background.  Then the stem and the pod are added.

More leaves are added.  It begins to take shape.   More will be coming I hope you will take this journey with me once again.

Jan 18, 2016


Original design
Rawedged fused applique
Machine quilted
Measures 22" X 18"
Is available for sale in my Etsy shoppe.

I must apologize for not showing you a step by step posting of this piece as I made it. 
I guess things just got away from me this time.  However, if you go below you will see the journey and be able to take it with me now.


Jan 5, 2016


For those of you who are new to my blog, I like to quilt my entire background before beginning the details of the piece.  I relate it to the canvas of a painter and prepare it first before I begin.  Even though much of it will be covered it still saves a lot of time in the end because there is no stopping and starting, or any quilting around the details of the piece which can be difficult and very time consuming.  I choose to do it this way, you do not have to.  We all must find what works for us.  I believe in that in all aspects of my art.

Dec 26, 2015


An Original Design measuring 18" X 32"
Raw edged fused applique, machine thread work and quilting
Fabric painted clouds and snow on the corn field.
Stretched on Stretch Bars.

This is my last quilt for the year 2015.


Dec 6, 2015


A lot of progress in this piece since the last post. The geese were time consuming  to first draw and than construct out of very small pieces.  I waited to make the final placement until they were all completed and now am happy with how it looks.  Next step, quilting down them and the larger chopped cornstalks.  This may take a bit of time especially with all the holiday prep that will be in between.

I am enjoying the construction of this and am happy to have snow somewhere since, so far, it has been a very mild winter and there is nothing on the ground.  It is even staying above freezing!  I guess those Greenbush Ladies at the church cookout know more than the Farmers Almanac!

Dec 1, 2015


Progress is being made on the winter farm scene.  As long as I see that I do not panic about not finding as much time as I would like to, to move along on this new piece.  I am also happy with how it is coming together and that is always a good thing!

Today I began construction of some Canadian Geese.  I love the Canadian and this scene is the perfect background for them and adds movement to the piece.  I love that transformation.

Nov 16, 2015


Can not believe that so much time has past since my last post.  I had a very bad cold and just could not focus with all the sneezing, coughing and blow of the nose!   However it seems to have finally moved on so I was back in the studio today.

All the background tress are quilted.  I then began work on constructing the two barns I wanted to add to the scene.  I have quilted the grey one but still need to quilt the red one.  Once it is quilted I will add the windows. 

There is a lot more to come!

Nov 2, 2015

Beginning Again

Beginning a winter scene.  Quilting on the trees right now.  This will take a while.

In the meantime we are having summertime weather.  So went for a drive to take some photos including these beautiful Wisconsin Dairyland Happy Cows. 

Oct 8, 2015


36" X 28"
Original Copyrighted design
Raw edged fused applique
Machine Quilted
Framed on stretcher bars.


Thank you all once again for taking this journey with me.   It was a fun one and full of fall colors.  I enjoyed the process and am happy with the results.    Now...what will be next?

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