Sep 13, 2014


My very talented graphic designer daughter, Molly designed this new logo for me.  I am so happy with it and tonight we redid my website as well.  Check it out  HERE

We also made some yummy pumpkin cupcakes and a new fun fall wreath for the front door.
It was both a fun and constructive day.

Sep 6, 2014


I finally feel like I am back into the groove so to speak when in my studio.  I was floundering for a while.  I think I replaced that road 3 or 4 times before settling on this piece of fabric.  It got so frustrating I would leave the room and do something else just to step back a bit.  However, I finally feel back in the groove and like I know where I am going and what I want this piece to say. 

That is a very good thing!!! 

Sep 1, 2014


 Have spent a day much had been left go and out here it fills up quickly with weeds and small trees and brush.  Slowly we are bringing it back.
 This area is along the drivway as you approach the house.

 Our front yard going to the edge where a terraced rock garden goes down shown below....

Not easy putting mulch in these beds but oh so worth it when it is done.  Next year these plants will be twice as big and will fill in very nicely.

Aug 31, 2014


My Mom is a trooper even at 90...she continues to do well in rehab for her broken hip.  We all take her out to the gardens  if it is nice outside for sunshine and fresh air.  Her spirits are up and she is still a character as you can see.  The best Mom ever.


 What can I say.....who can resist this sweet smile.  I do not know her name but I named her JOY!

 Funny how some animals turn their backs when your camera comes out and others step up to the plate!

 Beautiful goose and very friendly.

 Outstanding blue ribbon winner.

Definitely a small town county fair and that is what makes it so special.

Aug 28, 2014


I have struggled a bit on this piece first set of trees for the background were too intense so had to remove them and start over.  Funny how being away for a few months can throw of your "rhythm"  and you almost feel awkward starting up again.   However, each day brings with it renewed comfort so hopefully by the end of today things will feel like they used to.

I am quilting the new background trees now.

Aug 26, 2014


 Remember this sketch from two months ago when we first began our move to our new house?  Well I am ready to start working again and today was my first full day in my new studio.

I finished the basic background today and will now begin to fill in all of the objects starting with the ones furthest in the background.  I am excited to see this come together.  It will be complicated but I have high hopes for it.

Feels so very good to be back working on what I love to do.  Thank you all for all your support during this move and for sticking with me.   Barbara

Aug 23, 2014


This is the table I ordered.  it is coming from Tracey's Tables a company here in Wisconsin.  I always try to find things locally if possible first and I saw this at a quilt show and loved it.  It will be perfect in my studio and work well for me with the drop downs to add space if needed.  Can not wait to get it.

Aug 22, 2014


 My new studio is up and running as of today.  The closet door you see in this photo houses all of my fabric, batting and other "stuff".  I have great light during the is evening now when I am taking these photos.

 I put up two design walls.  One is near the ironing station and the other right on the side.  Right now I am blocking a quilt I sold today on the second one.  I had to hang it sideways.

On the opposite walls is my sewing table.  I do not have it open with the leaf up right now as I am not sewing.  This is a temporary situation anyway...soon I will get my new corner unit..all white...that will be custom made to fit my sewing machine.  I am so excited but have to wait another 4 or 5 weeks before it is delivered.

So I am finally the studio that is....and thank all of you followers for your patience while we moved into out new house in the country.  We love it.

Aug 11, 2014


It has been a long process but Tuesday we will be moving finally.  Then the unpacking will begin and setting up my new studio.  I have done a bit of it in between but still a lot to do before I can begin working in there again.  I thank you all for your patience during this huge undertaking.

To make things a bit more complicated my dear mother fell at home and broke her hip.
She had surgery and is doing fairly well considering her age but will need several months of therapy before being able to go home again.  They will move her from the hospital to a health care facility called Rocky Knoll.   My mother is a very independent person and also a private person so this is going to be a challenge for her and I hope she can adapt to being  in this new situation for this length of time.  She still lives in our family home out in the countryside and is used to the privacy she has there.

So hopefully I will be able to get back to work soon and share more with you.
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