Sep 29, 2015


Mr. Rooster is still "under the needle" and will be for a while yet.  Feathers take a bit of time.
Will be having family coming this October and staying for several days.  I am setting that as a reason to finish this beforehand.  So we will see if I meet that deadline.  Sometimes deadlines are good to set for yourself.  

Sep 24, 2015


Sold my art quilt "Snowy Owl" today.  His new home will be in Georgia!   This guy just spoke to me and is a hard one to sell.  I really loved working on him as well as how it all came together.
Now someone else will love him like I did.

Sep 23, 2015


What can I say?   It is all about the feathers right now.  Thought I would finish the fusing but came up just a wee bit short.

Sep 22, 2015


Here is how far I got in one day.  Nothing is quilted at this time.  I like the progress so far and the color combinations and fabrics.  Getting excited to keep working now.


Building from the bottom up using rich colors for the feathers.  Continuing on.......

Sep 20, 2015


Today was too beautiful to stay indoors so Bob and I went antiquing.  Here are my finds.  A beautiful bronze two horse statues, I lightning rod with wooden ball, a weather vane with brass dierectionals, a RED DOT potato chip tin for a splash of color and some smiles for my kitchen and a old rusty tin pitcher that I will put some of my dried flowers from my garden in.   All in all a good hunt and I can't wait to scatter them around the house.

Sep 18, 2015


Did not expect to post twice in the same day but thought since time is allowing me this gift then I should take advantage of it.  

Here you will see the tissue paper drawing over the pieces of fabric I chose to construct this Rooster's head.  Once I am happy with them I fuse them down on my black teflon sheet.

I finished his head and now will start with the feathers....I will not fuse this onto my background until completely finished but like to pin it on to keep it safe overnight and to see how it will contrast with it.  Remember that once quilted all these shadows will blend in a bit better then raw like this.  I am happy with it so far.


Sometimes life just does not want to cooperate with your artistic endeavors and this week has been that way for me.  Many distractions, some good some not so good, but all keeping me out of the studio.   It happens, there is nothing you can do about it but wait until "the dust settles" and move on.   Today I finally have time to begin again.

I selected all the fabrics I will use for this rooster and then decided to work on the head first even though it is one of the last things to go on.   I think it will motivate me, knowing it is finished, as it is what gives this guy life. 

Then I traced all the parts to the head from my drawing to my fusible...of course they are are the reverse side of the drawing so that once fused onto the fabric they will face the right direction.

As you can see, there are many parts...most of them are shadows or light.  Now to put them all together and find out what he looks like and what personality he has.

Sep 15, 2015


I apologize for the difficulty in seeing my sketches but it is of a rooster crowing.  I am doing another rooster because I like doing chickens and roosters.  This one if larger....36 " X 28".
I am planning on adding a border this time ...unless after he is finished I change my mind. 
It excites me to do another bird....have not done one for a while.  I have always enjoyed doing them so much. 

My background is totally quilted as usual.  Liked this fabric  and the design looked like eggs so I thought it appropriate.  This rooster is very colorful so I think it will stand out nicely on this piece.

Hope you can join me on another journey.
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