Mar 19, 2015


Because I like to quilt as I go rather then quilt around a lot of objects, I need to add a fish now even though early on.  So I draw him out on tissue and then take a sheet of fusible and trace all the parts of him labeling them with what they are and what color they are.  This is all done in reverse of the way he will face on the quilt.
 Then I cut out all the pieces and peel the fusible off.

 Using a long my teflon sheet, a long needle and my tissue drawing I place the parts onto the fish in order.  It does not have to be exactly is your fish you know.

Once he is finished.....I place him on the background and will fuse him down and quilt him.
This construction took me one full hour before quilting.

Mar 17, 2015


Beginning a new piece.  Just for a change I am doing a water scene. I love to snorkel and love seeing this whole new world that exists underwater.   Since I live in Wisconsin I do not have any opportunities to experience this lately so why not bring it to me. 

I have quilted the background and now am fusing vegetation to the top.  The journey is just beginning so come join me.

Mar 14, 2015


My quilt "Turkeys In The Birches" will be featured in the upcoming issue of "Machine Quilting Unlimited".  I am so excited to see it.  The new owner, Natalie, took the photos for me in order to make the deadline.  We both are celebrating!

Mar 11, 2015


31" X 17"
An interpretation from a photograph taken by Natalie Rowe of two horses, Sarah and Limerick
Raw edged fused applique, machine quilted
Framed over stretcher bars
Barbara Strobel Lardon

This art quilt was a pleasure for me to work on.  The theme being, horses, sunflowers and trees, who could ask for more.   When I saw this photograph I was immediately moved by the tenderness between these two horses and I just had to make this into an art piece.   

 Sarah and Limerick by Natalie Rowe


Mar 7, 2015

"Who's There?"

Sold my quilt "Who's There" today.  I made this several years ago and I am very happy to see it go to someone who loves it. 

Mar 5, 2015


 I thought today I would show the back of my new art quilt so you can see the amount of quilting that has gone into this so far.   I usually do not show the back but do get asked to show it by buyers as well as viewers.   The reason for this is because I firmly believe that an art quilt is fiber art...fitting into the world of quilters as well as mainstream art.   I feel it should be considered from the front fully and totally and the back should only be nice and neat and tidy with stitches that have good tension.  I do not think it necessary to bury threads at the end of a quilting line or to be as precise as what is required of  a bed quilt...which is always seen on both sides .  How many collectors ask to see the back of an oil painting when considering whether to purchase it, or a watercolor or pastel...all of which many times have miscellaneous paint spatters or smudges on the back.  An art quilt will hang on a wall and the back will remain unseen.  Yes the sleeve and the label should be neatly done as should the binding if it is traditionally bound, and perhaps if a traditional pattern either pieced or appliqued it should meet those high standards.  But quilts such as mine with many layers and many thread changes and dense quilting should only be required to be neatly done with all loose threads clip and removed.   It is only my humble opinion but it is how I construct all of my pieces.
 This is the quilting so far.   Added some whiskers too.....loved adding those.  It continues to come to life.
And here is me in my studio.....You can not see most of it...there is a cutting table to the left and that closet is huge and houses all my fabric, completed quilts, supplies, extra machines, boxes for shipping and miscellaneous other things.  So nice to be able to shut the door and not worry about it fading in the sun either.   Of course my buddy Ozzie is always with me....and my camera on the tripod ready for a quick photo of wildlife or just the beautiful woods outside that window.

Mar 1, 2015


I have been spending as much time as I can quilting these two horses and their harnesses.  Am starting with the black thread as so much of the harness is black and I like to outline a lot in black.
It is good to have many of those smaller pieces sewn down so they do not begin to come off with all the handling that goes on during the sewing process.   Coming along though....lots to do yet.

Feb 25, 2015


Just finished these two horses for my newest piece....happy with the results and will stare quilting them down today.   Horse no.2 looks much improved with the lightening up of his shadowed side of his face.

Feb 23, 2015


I have been bothered by the shadowed area on horse no. 2's face.....but have left it there thinking that maybe it was just that the rest of the harness was not finished....but today after getting more of the harness completed...I can see it is not I took the photo and photoshopped it changing the horseand eliminating the much better!  Tomorrow I will change him...almost feel like doing it right now.  Love that photoshop makes seeing whether your instincts are right before going thru the work of doing it. 

Feb 22, 2015


Work continues on my horses.  Horse No. 2 on the left is going to take a while as he has so much more of his harness showing.  It is a challenge making all the hooks, buckles, straps, etc for these but at the same time sort of fun when it all comes together.  Definitely much have a lot of patience for this though and the quilting will also take time.  I am happy with the progress made and hope it continues to move along as well as it has so far.
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