Jul 29, 2014


 Here is the kitchen when we bought the house.  Ugly gold walls against these hickory cabinets made them look orange.  Floor you can not see but a vinyl beige grey with medallions.

Kitchen now....in grey with new tile  backsplash (done by my daughter Molly and me) and all new appliances and dark flooring.  Transformation is shocking.  The cabinet above the refrigerator is being resized so we could fit this beautiful refrigerator into the opening.  Should have it back in a a day or so.

Made my first dinner in here tonight...it works beautifully.

Jul 27, 2014


 This poor sad shed was on the property.  Inside it actually was fine...but  outside...sad and dilapidated.

Now...happy and alive again in a deep red.   Now this was actually the hardest project of all due to wasps wanting to move back into this building.  They did not like me being there doing everything I could to keep them away.   It was a constant battle between us but in the end I persevered thank goodness.

Jul 14, 2014


 Well....what used to be a bunch of half dead junipers is now a softscape of various plants mulched and leading you to the front door.  What a job that was.  We left an opening so you could walk along the front porch if it is raining.

 The I planted these stone terraced beds .... rebuilding the stone walls as this was totally in ruin.   Looks a little sparse right now but it will fill in nicely in time.

 The opposite side had some day lilies still in it but the rest was empty and also falling down so now it is all planted and back in shape.  We also planted the river birch you see in the foreground.  I love birches and had to have at least one in the yard.

Notice how there are now stone steps so if you are in the front yard you can step down this terrace to get to the back yard instead of walking all the way around.   My arms are
getting fit and trim after tackling this.

Jul 12, 2014


 Finished painting my new STUDIO today.  It is a darker grey and is larger then my present studio.   It does have carpet as it used to be the former owners home office.  What makes it really really nice is the HUGE walk in closet that is fully lined with shelves.

I am so excited to start bringing my fabric and batting etc etc over and organize it all on these shelves.

Jul 10, 2014


 Whenever I sell an Art Quilt of mine I am always very grateful and joyous.  However, when I sell one to a Hospital or Health Care Facility I am even more honored because I know it will be viewed by many people, some of whom are sick and in need of something to take their minds off of their problems if even for a moment.   Today I sold three of my art quilts to UW Madison Health At the American Center....a new facility being opened in August of 2015.
 I am honored to be part of this art Collection which will be in this  Center.

I hope the my work brings peace to each person who views it.

I am also very happy that some of my work is now in a Wisconsin hospital so very close by.

Jul 6, 2014


My daughter, Molly, came down with her husband Mark to help work on the new house.
We did the kitchen backsplash tile.  It was a first for me....she did it with Mark at their house about a year ago.  It is not near as hard as you think and the cutting part is sort of
where quilting comes in when figuring out where to mark the tile to make the right cuts.
It is somewhat messy especially when cutting the tiles but all in all very rewarding.  I am so happy with the results and can't wait until the appliances come in two weeks so we can finish the other wall.  I need the microwave in to be sure how far up to go above the range.

Jul 4, 2014


Embracing the beauty of all life at the new house including this green fellow who  was peeking in my kitchen window today.

UPDATE:  Seems this is not a beetle but a Stink Bug.

Jul 2, 2014


Every day I bring a few things with me to the new house.  Mostly things like winter jackets and storage things....but today I brought a few personal things and placed them around the fireplace just to give this house some homeyness.   Feels good to be there now that the whole first floor is finished other then the tile backsplash (doing that this weekend) and all the professionally done things like flooring and appliances.

Now to tackle the bedrooms and baths upstairs.

Jul 1, 2014


 Looking from messy living room into the den.

 New light fixture in dinette between living room and kitchen

 Living Room and Den

 Freshly painted Den.  No more Packer Green.

 Looking from Den into Living Room

 Goodbye Packer Green in Dining Room

 Almost finished today but not quite.

 Looking from Dining Room into Den and past the Front Door.

Looking from Den into Dining Room...ignore the foyer color here...it is not green like that...just neutral.

Whew!  Tomorrow will finish dining room and then wash windows on this floor....and then it will be finished for new flooring and appliance delivery.

Will start painting upstairs next.  It is all white....the white that builders paint it and only one bedroom was ever painted and that is the bright yellow one that is going to go.  But first will do the Master and the Master bath as that is getting new floors and he is coming
on the 17th to do that so must get it finished before hand.  Have plenty of time so that is good.

Jun 30, 2014

Living Room

 This is how the living room looked this morning.....worked on it all day and part of the den.   I have now said goodbye to the ugly gold.
You can see the landscape a bit out these windows in living room.  Just love it out there.
You can also see the lighting has made this grey look different in each pic.  it is sort of in-between these two.

Tomorrow will finish den and hopefully the dining room.  That will be the entire first floor  done.  They will move up to bedrooms...not all of them but the master and one that was painted a bright yellow.  Maybe the guest bath too.  Hate to wait when it is so easy with no furniture or other things to work around.

Really tired now though...have been going to be around 9 or 9:30 lately....so worth it though....just seeing it transform everyday.
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