Jul 30, 2015


There are days when it is very difficult to stay indoors and work when it is so beautiful outside.  Today is one of them.   This new piece has so much detail on it, it will be quite a lot of quilting and thread changes so this will take a while to finish before moving on to the foreground.  At least there is a big double window in my studio to gaze out of and feel the breeze some through while I work.

Jul 28, 2015


I have had to fit in bits of time while working on this piece and it left no time for posting afterwards, but as you can see, progress was made.   All of this is fused on, but not quilted, so now I will finish the big mill building and quilt all of this before adding the foreground people and tables and umbrellas and musicians!!!  Whew!  Lots more to come.

Jul 22, 2015


I have been lucky enough to make the acquaintance of a wonderful threadwork artist named Kintaro Ishikawa.  He is in Japen and has been so kind as to post some of my work on his website.  I wanted to return the favor by posting a link to his website for you to visit. He is quite accomplished and if you go there you will see why.



 I have begun the process of constructing the coffee shop first in the scene.   I do not like doing buildings in a precise way.   They seem stiff and without character or life...so I choose to not do straight lines or worry too much about things being symmetrical.   Suddenly the building comes to life and is charming on its own.  

Here is the coffee shop so far....still need to add steps and side windows before quilting.  Hopefully will do that this morning.

Jul 16, 2015


 Last weekend I went to the Farmers Market in nearby Elkhart Lake.  There is a great coffee shop there called "Off The Rail" because it is situated right by the Railroad Tracks.  So after getting some coffee, I took this photo and liked it so much I decided to use it as the inspiration for my next art quilt.

 Today I loosely sketched out the crowd and the building....I want this to be sort of casually done...not straight lines on the bldg or perfection here or.....
 in the people here.

I have the basic background finished and quilted it measures 30X19 inches.   So now I am ready to add what is furthest away.....which will be some trees and an attached building.   I will most likely eliminate some of the sign clutter around the scene towards the left.....and maybe add some things...but that is the joy of making it your own.  Hope you enjoy this new journey with me.

Jul 13, 2015


An Original Design
Raw Edged Fused Applique
Machine Quilted

Making Sunflowers always is a joy for me.   I love all the movement you can create as well as the mood you can set.  These three a blowing in the wind but glorious in the sun.
It is available for sale in my Etsy shoppe here.


Jul 5, 2015


We have now been in this house for a year and in that time we have worked hard on a badly neglected yard.   I thought I would give you a tour.

This is our drive up to our house thru the woods.
The front of our house with new plantings along the sidewalk leading to front door.
 A wren sits atop one of the last birdhouses painted by my mother and given to me for this house.

The walkway to the back door and deck
 A view of the back of the house and lower level patio.

 The "barn" and raised bed vegetable garden.

 My Woods

 Summer's Beauty

Jul 4, 2015


Still arranging these stems and sunflowers and beginning to quilt some down.   Leaves are being added as well.

Wishing all of my followers and friends a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! 

Jul 3, 2015


 Barely visible this fawn followed her nervous mom out into the opening in the woods...you can barely see its ears sticking out of the tall grasses.

Then the doe moved fast so the fawn had to run to keep up.   So beautiful again today.

Jul 2, 2015


I give thanks every day for being able to wake up to a scene like this just outside my window.
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