Jul 5, 2015


We have now been in this house for a year and in that time we have worked hard on a badly neglected yard.   I thought I would give you a tour.

This is our drive up to our house thru the woods.
The front of our house with new plantings along the sidewalk leading to front door.
 A wren sits atop one of the last birdhouses painted by my mother and given to me for this house.

The walkway to the back door and deck
 A view of the back of the house and lower level patio.

 The "barn" and raised bed vegetable garden.

 My Woods

 Summer's Beauty

Jul 4, 2015


Still arranging these stems and sunflowers and beginning to quilt some down.   Leaves are being added as well.

Wishing all of my followers and friends a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! 

Jul 3, 2015


 Barely visible this fawn followed her nervous mom out into the opening in the woods...you can barely see its ears sticking out of the tall grasses.

Then the doe moved fast so the fawn had to run to keep up.   So beautiful again today.

Jul 2, 2015


I give thanks every day for being able to wake up to a scene like this just outside my window.

Jul 1, 2015


 I love overdyed fabric but have no time to do it myself so always look for pieces when out at Quilt Shows or in fabric shoppes.   Here is one that I have saved for exactly this piece.  I have quilted it so it is ready for the flowers.   

 Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and I have planted a few in my yard this year.  I have done them in the past so I do not use a drawing but instead just free cut all of the pieces and construct it on my teflon sheet.

Had to include a partially open one.......which will be even better once quilted.

 I like place them on the quilt knowing in my mind what will still be coming.....you will have to wait to find you. 

Now I add their stems and may add a few of their leaves that are behind their stems before fusing and quilting.

I am happy when working on sundlowers....they have so much personality...joy in the beginning and then sadness at the end.

Jun 25, 2015


21 1/2" X 10 1/2"
Original Design
Rawedged fused applique
Machine quilted

 Details of quilting
I like to make small quilts for two reasons.  The first being that they will be great for gifts or in my Etsy Shoppe for someone who can not afford the larger pieces but still would like a fiber art piece.  The second reason is it spans the gap between quilts when you have nothing in mind to start yet.  I have though about a few ideas but am distracted with everyday life right now.  Summer likes to do that because it is the time you can find many fun things to do all around you.  So this....does not take a lot of thought....and makes you feel good all at the same time.

Jun 22, 2015


30" X 30"
Original Design
Rawedged Fused Applique
Machine Quilted
Not for sale at this time


I love making poppies and this journey was no exception.  I don't know why but the leaves the stems the flower the buds all are exciting to do.  Perhaps it is the movement of the whole thing...always looking like they are swaying in the wind.  Perhaps it is just the thoughts I had while working on it.  Whatever it is...I enjoy it all from the start to the finish.

Thank you to all who have taken this journey with me.  Hopefully I will start a new one soon and you will join me once again.
Thank you so very much.

Jun 15, 2015


By the end of the day yesterday, I had accomplished this.   Two buds with stems and leaves...most of it quilted.  Tomorrow I will work on the next poppy...there are two fully bloomed poppies still coming.   Feeling good about the mood and the feel of it.

Jun 14, 2015


The bud is quilted.....now on to quilting the leaves and then another poppy.

Jun 13, 2015


Finished the first Poppy for the new piece.  Quilted it today and added a bud. So far....so good.
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