Aug 27, 2015


This quilt has sold to a health care facility in Illinois.  It warms my heart that it will be viewed by those in need of an escape from what they may be facing or their loved one facing.  Always special to me when my work is received in this way.

Aug 26, 2015


27 1/2" X 17 1/2"

This was a very fun journey for me.   There were challenges that is for sure especially with working with those very small pieces both fusing them and quilting them.  However, the results were just as I pictured it to, colorful and joyous.
I hope you too feel those emotions.


I hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I enjoyed you following me here at my blog.
Now to start a new sure to join me again.

Aug 21, 2015


I am working from left to right.....and although it is slow is coming along and I am hoping you are enjoying the journey with me.  I am finding it interesting to find out when you photograph a crowd of people,  you find stories within the crowd it you look closely and that is fun to see as I construct this piece.

Aug 18, 2015

TABLE NO. 2 & 3

Adding and quilting....adding and quilting......that is how it goes.

Aug 10, 2015


My first table grouping is finished.....I am not sure if it will matter if I quilt it all first before proceeding to the nest group but I am going to do it anyway.  My reason....because doing this all at once will probably drive me crazy!!!  It will mean a lot of thread changes but I am hoping it will be worth it.

Aug 8, 2015


I am now adding my people who are sitting on the patio outside of the coffee shop.  As you can see the shapes are simple ones and quilting will come later.  Chairs will be done with black thread work as they are full of wrought iron spindles etc. and it will be impossible to do them in fabric.
I am laughing at the bottom of my pole for the umbrella...that is just pinned on at this time and obviously needs to be moved before fused and quilted.

Aug 7, 2015


Now that I have finished quilting every thing in the background, I am beginning the foreground.  First up is one of the lamp posts and the umbrellas that are on the patio tables.  Some will not be fused down yet but are placed with pins on the design wall.  Next I will start the people sitting at the tables...that may take a bit of time as lots of very small pieces but I am hoping it will be fun to construct this scene.

Aug 3, 2015


My Art Quilt "The Riverfront" has been accepted into this years "QUILT EXPO" which will be held the weekend of Sept. 10th Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Energy Alliant Center in Madison Wisconsin.  A great show of many talented fiber artists and well worth attending.   What makes it more special is my sisters primitive quilt also was accepted so it will be the "year of the sisters!"   So excited.

Jul 30, 2015


There are days when it is very difficult to stay indoors and work when it is so beautiful outside.  Today is one of them.   This new piece has so much detail on it, it will be quite a lot of quilting and thread changes so this will take a while to finish before moving on to the foreground.  At least there is a big double window in my studio to gaze out of and feel the breeze some through while I work.

Jul 28, 2015


I have had to fit in bits of time while working on this piece and it left no time for posting afterwards, but as you can see, progress was made.   All of this is fused on, but not quilted, so now I will finish the big mill building and quilt all of this before adding the foreground people and tables and umbrellas and musicians!!!  Whew!  Lots more to come.
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