Sep 19, 2012

Beginning Again

 When I was at Quilt Expo in Madison, I stopped by Marcia Derse's booth.  I love her fabric line and have purchased quilt a few yards of her fabric in the past and now she came out with this line of these striped fabrics that are wonderful so had to stock up.  Check her line out here:  Marcia Derse
 I am using one of the stripes in my new piece.  I began quilting the background a few days ago.
Sometimes you have to almost wear the quilt to keep it from hanging up while it is being quilted.

So now the basic background is finished being quilted and I will begin adding my "figures".

It has been cold and rainy for the last two days here.  Actually had to turn on the furnace for the first time just to get the dampness and some warmth into the house.  We are in that time of year where it will be going back and forth between fallish weather and summer weather.  Today is definitely fall!   It is nice to  snuggle under a quilt again while watching tv and sipping on tea.  Sort of a cozy homey feeling you get when it gets like this. 


WoolenSails said...

I like how the fabric looks in your new piece.
I have some fabrics that I would call splatter and didn't like them, but I realized, they would make nice backgrounds for woods or ground. Watching your progress and choices, helps me to see fabric in a new light.


Kit Lang said...

Your new piece looks really interesting!

Susan Turney said...

Ooooooo......I'm anxious to see what this one will become! Your description of the weather and snuggling under a quilt made me a bit wistful...for about 3 seconds! (I know what's coming). It's cooled down to highs in the 80/90s here so doors and windows are open!

Cameron said...

I had all the best intentions the last time that I blogged, but time got away from me. Sometime I feel that I am much busier in retirement than I was while working, not really, just so different and spread out. Some day I want to come and see you, and see your great place where you work. It looks so great. Mine space is so cramped and messy, but I am grateful to have a space at all, no complaints, even though I just complained.
Getting ready for 2 shows. Too much work. Have to go see Mom, love seeing Mom, not getting to see her enough. Hugs and hope all is well. Love to hear more.

Cameron said...

I just reread what I wrote, what a mess, it's late and I am not into proofing.

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