Feb 4, 2013

Flight Behavior

I have been reading Barbara Kingsolver's book "Flight Behavior".   It is a story about a young woman living in rural america whose life changes dramatically one day when the Monarch Butterflies migrate to the farm she lives on instead of Mexico.   It is another winner by this
great author and I recommend it to everyone concerned about global warming.

I want to thank my dear daughter, Molly, for all her help in redoing my blog for me.   I think it is so much better as well as user friendly.  Visit her blog Sweet Potato here.

I am going to begin a commission next.  I believe I can post blogs about my progress but will have to ask the client first.  It will be a bird but the bird is a Penguin!  I will do some sketches first and once approved, begin.  The size is 18 X 18 inches. 


Libby Fife said...

The blog looks great! Lucky to have Molly to help you too. And congratulations on the commission. A penguin huh? That should be very fun.

Love Barbara Kingsolver. I didn't know though that she has a new book out. Thanks for the tip:)

WoolenSails said...

I like the new look, very clean and easy to follow and the header is perfect. I hope you can share photos, will be fun to see how you do a penguin.


Rian said...

Good job on the blog re-do. I like the header a lot. Have fun with the penguin and don't forget to enjoy the journey. Is it an Emperor penguin? There are several different kinds.

Debra Dixon said...

Always nice to have some cleaning done, especially when someone else does it! ha!

Good look for your blog.

Sharon Robinson said...

Thanks for mentioning the Kingsolver book, she is one of my favorite authors, but I didn't know she had something new out. Love the new blog as well. I always enjoy reading about your birds, and am amazed at how prolific you are! Thanks for sharing!

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