Jun 24, 2012

Entry and Redrawing

 I have entered "Honorable Mention" into the Quilt Expo this year.  I hope he makes it.  I should know in a few weeks.  Cross your fingers.

 Back to work on "Pears".  I start out by redrawing my sketch on tissue paper so I can flip it over and have the reverse side to trace onto my fusible.   I pay attention to all the shapes of the shadows etc.
I know many fusers do this differently but this works for me and I continue to do it like this.  I think each of us have to choose our own techniques that we are comfortable using and have the most success with. 
Here is what my fusible will look like after tracing shapes all over it.   I number the ones I may not recognize once they are cut out.  I have very little trouble with fraying so once again I choose to
fuse my shapes onto my fabric choices, cut them out and then pull off the fusible later while I am constructing the object.  Sometimes I purposely fuse on a fabric that does fray to get a more earthy natural look.  In the case of Pears you do not want that "usually".    Never say never because you don't know what works from one quilt to another.

So with this rather tedious step finished I will start fusing and constructing my pears and bowl onto my background.


Sharon Robinson said...

Hi Barbara -
I really enjoy reading your process posts. Thanks so much for sharing the details. Looking forward to seeing those 12x12's all together!

WoolenSails said...

I hope your piece gets accepted. I love using fusible for art pieces, wonderful invention.


Susan Turney said...

Thanks for showing us how you do your fusing! And good luck with "Honorable Mention"! It's fabulous.

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