Feb 19, 2011

The Appearance of The H's

I was working on this new background for my next quilt last night.
I pieced odd shaped pieces vertically in rows, sewed them together and then cut that unit 
apart vertically and added two strips of horizontal pieces.  
It was late, I was tired.....what other excuse can I use.  
When I put it on my design wall the light color suddenly had a mind of its own
and on top of it these H's suddenly appeared!!!!
Now What????


Joyce said...

What about a quick dip in a tea or coffee dye to mellow out the white a bit?

WoolenSails said...

It reminds me of a ladder more than an H.
I would either darken one, maybe the first or add an applique over a portion of it?


Nellie's Needles said...

A high contrast fabric cannot help but make visible shapes. I see an opportunity to get out the oil paint sticks to do some rubbings in those high contrast areas ... and then probably some over-painting.

What my eyes see are openings ... windows or doors.

Kay said...

OOps, too much value contrast!
I was going to suggest paint also. Another alternative would be to stitch or fuse a more blending fabric over the light. The stitching wouldn't show after the foreground and quilting are added.

Cameron said...

Barb, I really like what I see. Seems very different for you. I was bragging about you the other day to some friends and showing them your work. They were appropriately impressed. Hugs

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