Feb 18, 2011

Canadian On The Rocks

"Canadian On The Rocks"
45 X 29
 Raw edged fused applique
Machine Quilted

I added the borders early in the week and some grasses to balance the empty space with the goose.
I combined the border and rocks at the bottom.  It changes from border to part of the landscape.
I liked how that worked well on this piece.

I am really happy with my goose.
It was an all day process of making and placing all his feathers, but well worth the work.
The quilting added the detail that I was looking for.

Watson gave his stamp of approval!


WoolenSails said...

I really love this piece and the shades you used.
I also like how you bought the border together with the rocks. Of course nothing is final until it gets the kitty seal of approval.


Joyce said...

The goose is incredible. It looks like it could fly off the page. I also love the way the rocks become part of the border at the bottom. This is an amazing piece!

Eva said...

Well done! All the words that came to my mind have been used by the other commenters already.

Marie said...

He's exquisite. Well done, my friend. You're right - the quilting finished it perfectly.

Hugs - Marie

Kay said...

Oh, brava, Barbara! This is a wonderful piece. I love the neutral color scheme, the strong contrast, and particularly that border that seems to weave in and out, and then the way you've worked the rocks in is perfect.

Unknown said...

This turned out even better then I thought it would - and I thought it was amazing! Well done!!

Nellie's Needles said...

Wonderfully amazing! Or how about ... Amazingly wonderful! Both applies.

Your unique border is perfect. It's amazing how that plaid plays peek-a-boo while repeating one of the feather patterns. That bottom edge morphing into rocks is inspired.


Cameron said...

Barb, Fantastic, and what great detail. Love your goose, and the background is super. Wonderful!!!
Many hugs

Libby Fife said...

Watson is so round and cute!

This piece turned out really well-it has a graphic appeal without being stylized. You really captured the "weight" of the goose too. And who wouldn't love the pun of the title? Did you show the goose to your brother yet, the Good Expert? LOL!

Terri Stegmiller said...

It turned out beautifully! I can see lots of attention to detail. Definitely a piece of work to be proud of.

Rian said...

This is terrif Barb, I love the soft palette. Did you like fusing? I have been so tempted to go that route. What kind of fuse did you use?

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