Feb 20, 2011


I bought this new slider for doing free motion quilting.   I had read an article saying that it is the second most important thing for better stitches.  (Gloves being the first.)

You can cut it to fit perfectly to your table.

I really really like it.  I did not think it would make that much difference but it did.
To top it off part of the money goes towards fighting breast cancer.
I got mine at Nancy's Notions, she has free shipping right now too.

Yes this is the piece from  yesterday's post.  I fused some different fabric over some of the pieces that made those H's or ladders.  It worked great and you can not even tell once quilted.


Anonymous said...
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WoolenSails said...

I have not used anything like that yet, was wondering how it worked. I like the idea of having something to keep the fabric from getting caught as I sew and moving more smoothly.


Nellie's Needles said...

I've had one for over a year. Initially, I used it only for free-motion work. I've since anchored one for on the machine bed for regular sewing, too. Now I need another one for the free-motion work because a bigger hole was made to accommodate the feed dogs. So thanks for the ordering info.

Also, I like that the tacky quality can be refreshed by washing in soapy water.

Anonymous said...

And how does Watson like this slider thing?

Kay said...

I like mine too. Glad the fusing worked for you--we won't tell.

Libby Fife said...

Why did I think you were sewing on a Pfaff? We have the same machine!

That slider concept looks good. And there is a hole in it already for the needle?

What is going on your now "H" less background?

Stephanie Newman said...

The Supreme Slider is a brilliant add on to freemotion quilting or embroidery, I love it! I couldn't believe how much less drag there was when using this compared to not.
I didn't know you had an Aurora 440- I have two of these machines and they're total workhorses and totally reliable. They make the nicest stitches especially in freemotion quilting.

Looking forward to seeing your current piece develop...

Nelly said...

Hi Barbara,

It looks like you've done it and got yourself the Bernina! How do you like it? I truly love mine.

I also use the Supreme Slider and I think it is a great tool. Thanks to the Supreme Slider the fabric moves smoothly over the surface, no drag at all.

I hope you post an article about your experiences with your new machine soon.

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