Apr 28, 2010

The Goose

Decided I should design my goose that I want to add to my quilt that I began the other day (here).  I am not sure if I want him in the foreground or behind a few corn stalks so better to have him ready to move around for the best spot as I construct the rest.  
I drew him out a bit abstactly and then selected fabric this morning.  Don't you love that feather-like one in the upper lefthand corner?   I found that in Chicago when shopping the vendors and knew it was perfect for this goose's back.


WoolenSails said...

That is going to look wonderful in your new piece and the fabric choices are perfect.


Libby Fife said...

As always, I am impressed with your drawing-the drafting of your subjects seems effortless to me.

My SIL looked at your self portrait too and thought it was fantastic. She is a lifelong traditional quilter and couldn't believe what you were doing.

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