Apr 29, 2010

Beauty Amongst Disaster

This morning Bob and I went out to put the second side of Plywood on the roof of our garden shed.
Unlike the first side where I could poke my head from the inside up over the roof line while he nailed it,
this time I was working blind and he was not able to see where it was landing at the top from his angle.
We "thought" (key word) it was lined up and nailed it up only to find out that it was over lapping the other plywood piece at the peak.  So, it has to come off.   Bob was stressed and I just decided to take a walk around the flower beds and came to the blooming magnolia and took this shot.  We decided to quit and come back another time where the work of pounding it off will not seem so bad.

It reminded me so much of when you have to rip out stitches due to some error you made along the way.
I always find it better to step away for a bit and then come back when you have forgotten how much work it took to put thoses stitches in.   I remember being at the Madison Quilt Expo last year and there was a full sized quilt entered with unbelievable quilting on it.  When you read the slip it told you that she had quilted it and found out something was wrong and ripped out the entire quilt!  I can not even imagine doing that.

1 comment:

Eva said...

A good idea to settle and come back to it later! Because another mistake is likely on instant repair. Maybe it is the wrong day (I strongly believe in this).

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