Apr 27, 2010

Will The Real Quilt Please Stand Up!

Over the weekend I scheduled a posting of my Interpret This Quilt.  Being in a hurry because we were having overnight family staying and we were putting up a storage shed, I was not careful with my pictures and posted the unbinded photo instead of the one completely finished.  So ....I am now showing you the finished version of "Erosion".

We had one busy weekend.  Both of our sons came along with our daughter in law and grandson.  The idea was to paint all the sections of the storage shed and then put it up.  Well as luck would have it, it rained all weekend.  So we got the painting done but nothing else.

Yesterday, Bob and I did the assembly ourselves.  He is 70 now and of course most of you know I am soon to be 62!   We used to do these projects together all the time, but it was a bit more work then either of us expected.   We kept at it all day yesterday and this is the result...........

The Garden Shed


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like that picture so much better! That is a unique finish on the edge. I really like this piece. You are good at realistic and abstract.

When my dad was 86 he decided he needed a shed and he bought a kit. My brother and I helped him build it on Father's day that year. I was 59 and my brother 61. The next day I looked over (they lived next door) and there was my dad up on the roof of it putting on shingles. He showed us up many times with his persistance in getting things done.

Marie said...

Laughing (at us not you). Big T and I are somewhere around mid-60's
and we have done things like this together for the last 42 years. We had a project last week that took us much longer, more arguing, more re-measuring, etc. than ever before. We may be getting older, but we are still doing it together. But boy do we feel it the next day. LOL


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous interpretation. I Love it.

Libby Fife said...

Both the shed (and your finish) look great! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. LOL!

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