Jul 7, 2009

A Non-Quilting Weekend

Strawberry Freezer Jelly

Well our three day weekend was a busy one. We spent Saturday the Fourth of July working in our yard mowing, weeding, trimming, edging and dead heading. It was a full days work but fun
because the weather was perfect at about 82 degrees and partly cloudy.
That evening we took our dogs to the basement family room so they would not be bothered by the fireworks and watched "Last Chance Harvey" which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Sunday brought more projects, laundry and indoor things and then outdoor projects, a trip to the nursery for a butterfly bush, some moss, and to put my name on the list for some tomato soup and macaroni and cheese cone flowers. (Red and golden and gorgeous!!!)

Then out to The Highland House in Sheboygan to gaze at Lake Michigan and drink Magaritas and delicious Mexican food.

Monday my sister, Bonnie, and I headed to the strawberry patch to pick our own strawberries.
I picked 4 1/2 Ice Cream Pails full (the half was for my Mom) and she picked 5!!!
Again it was gorgeous weather and we had lots of fun riding on the hay wagon out to the field
and talking while picking.

Spent all afternoon making freezer jelly and some sauce for ice cream etc. Then My Mom came over for dinner, ribs, potato salad and mixed veggies. For dessert....strawberries over angel food cake, what else!!!!

I did begin auditioning some fabric for another bird quilt. Have not decided whether to go with the Loon first....or the row of swimming Pelicans. (Both photos taken by my brother Jeff.)
What do you think?


Beena said...

I vote for the loon! Love the fabrics you are auditioning for it!

Am I crazy, or have you changed the whole look of your blog???? Looking really good, in any event.

Sounds like a wonderful and productive (and yummy!) weekend.

Kate said...

I think the loon would look fabulous. He just seems to be quite at home on the water there!!
I do love your work and am always delighted when I see you've added a new post. Keep up the good work!!

PS. How do you get your comments to show under your posts. I've tried everything! Somebody help!!


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

That may be me. Many times I comment directly back to your email rather than here. I have found that a lot of people do not return to the comment section to see what the answer was to questions.

I do not know of a way to get an email reply to also go here.

Does anyone else have ideas?

Libby Fife said...

I love that loon but not as much as I love your summer life! I will be right over!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am waiting for that visit Libby.
I think summer is a time we Wisconsinites have to cram everything in before we are back knee deep in snow.

So far the loon has it.

Unknown said...

Loon! Having spent many summer and fall months in Northern Wisconsin I am always drawn to Loons. I have a loon idea in my sketch book right now in fact! Beautiful birds with such a haunting call. Looking forward to which ever one you choose. Wonderful photographs BTW.

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