Jul 8, 2009

Pods, Goose & Octopus!

Before I get back to "Mulberry Bush" and beginning something new on my design wall, I am going to quilt "My Pods". (Remember that one????)
So I began this morning after.........

I hung "The Canadian" temporarily in my studio to keep it safe above "The Intruder" also
hanging temporarily waiting to see if it is getting into the Quilt Expo in Madison.

Then I ran out and got a "Pink Octopus" for my sister Bonnie. She admired mine in my garden so I got her one. She in turn dug up some Pink Cone flowers from her garden in trade.
It is great when you can start splitting and sharing plants!
Now....Off to work!


Beena said...

I like your "pods". It must make you happy every time you see your beautiful work all around you!
This is a nice plant. And possibly an idea for another quilt for you?????!

Dawn said...

Your work is absolutely lovely and I am amazed at how MUCH you get done! Mostly I think about doing.... :)

While skimming through your blog, I stopped cold at the entry about your beautiful strawberry jam. I'm having a sweet tooth attack and had just posted a new site with great recipes and a photo of Boy Bait cake on Subversive Stitchers.

Maybe its all about comfort food and quilts definitely equal comfort! :)

Your site is so uplifting. And your pods are absolutely lovely. Well, everything is!


Claire O'Connor said...

Barbara - FABULOUS finished work on the gorgeous goose! Good luck on the show submission! I love your "Pods", too!

Libby Fife said...

Good luck on the show submission. I have my fingers crossed for you:)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your pods quilt too. I see you have a Pfaff too. I do all of my piecing and about half of my quilting on an older Pfaff.

I have never heard of pink octupus. It is really unusual.

Eva said...

Hope the goose will fly into exhibition!
I'm in the Pfaff club, mine is from about 1920.

Joyce said...

You do wonderful work. Good luck getting into the expo. Your work certainly deserves to be shown.

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