May 28, 2009

There is nothing to perk up your creative juices than a trip to the quilt shop! Bob gave me a gift certificate there for my birthday. Today I finally had some spare time to get over there.
Check out this line of fabric at the top of this picture. Love the colors and the subtle textures.
It is Jinny Beyers Necessary Neutrals. Had to have some Sulky cotton thread.

Then it was over to the batiks and handdyes.
Love the blue stripe has a lot of different tones in it.

Then some colors I needed in my stash.
Oh I feel so much better now!


Beena said...

Wow, you really got a lot of goodies! Now I have stash envy! Although a die hard batik lover, I especially liked those first fabrics with their unusual texture. They sent my mind reeling with ideas!

Libby Fife said...

Good for you! Wonderful selections and the fabrics look just like they will be right at home in your work:)

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