May 21, 2009

Success or Failure?

Had just a bit of time for trying some more discharging this morning. I cut a sponge in the shape of a petal and used that as a stamp rather than a brush like I did the last time. This time I used this commercial fabric in navy blue. On the printed side of the fabric you could only see a tiny bit of the discharging.

On the opposite side this is what it looked like. Much stronger on one side than the other and discharging to almost the same color as the black did. If you click on this photo (which is not focused well, sorry) you will see the pattern in the fabric came thru on the petals. Sort of interesting.

Then I took a purple crunched batik and did the same process for the same amount of time.
(For anyone new visiting I am using dishwasher liquid detergent as my discharge agent.)
There was a subtle difference and it was in keeping with the purple color of the fabric. Both sides were almost of equal value. I like that it is like this and I could see using this in a background.
I was execting it to change to a more blue or red but it did not.
Interesting the difference in commercial fabric vs hand dyed.


Beena said...

I think they are all absolutely gorgeous. As far as the one piece's results coming through better on the reverse side than the front side...I say, go with it, then. Use the reverse side as your new "right" side. I have had any number of fabrics that I found the value on the back was better suited for a project, than the value on the front. Just run with it! They are all stunning, and I'd say this was a big success!

Libby Fife said...

I like all three results. They are all a little different. I bet you are going to find a use for them:)

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