May 20, 2009

Purple Finch Determination

I was enjoying a cup of coffee out on my front porch when I noticed these purple finches
landing in my hanging pot. This has happened before and I chase them out and dismantle whatever nest they have begun. So that is what I did. (I hate doing that since it takes them so much time, but......I have to in order to water these sufficiently.)

I got home from work yesterday and went to check the pot they choose. They had the complete nest finished and were already sitting on it! Now I could not do a thing so I will spend then next few weeks watering around the nest until the babies are hatched and gone.

A Moss pot which was a birthday gift this year from my daughter, Molly, planted with a pony tail fern. I plan on putting some miniature pieces in front of it in the blank dirt space. I Love it!


Nellie's Needles said...

ooo...wish I were sitting on that beautiful, cozy looking front porch having a cup of coffee with you.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said... too. That would be lovely!
I am sure we would have lots to talk about!

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