Apr 22, 2009

More from Quilt Festival

Sylvan Ambience #5
by Noriko Endo
This was my favorite quilt in the show. Unfortunately the crowd kept me from getting a decent photograph and I meant to go back later to get a better one and never did.
The detail on this was exquisite. Just a beautiful quilt to see.

"Fresh Outlook"
by Joan Sowada
I loved this quilt. The thought behind it touched my heart and having two boys made it personal to me. A beautiful art piece.

"Spring Encounter"
by Ruth Powers
I recently saw a photo of this quilt in one of my quilting magazines, so I had read a lot about it before the show.

What I loved about seeing it in person is the vivid colors, texture, fabrics and most of all the quilting! The way she quilted this piece was out of this world. Just beautiful. Since I was concentrating so much on that I never got a full shot of the quilt but only details.


Libby Fife said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous-thanks:)

Carmen Rose said...

WOW! Merciful days in the morning that makes me tired just to look at it. WOW!

Kay said...

Beautiful! It seems to me that the Japanese quilters are now going into art quilts in the same wonderful way that they have done traditional ones.

45645646546565 said...


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