Apr 21, 2009

International Quilt Festival '09

The quilt show was spectacular. Here are a few of the winners to share with you.
"Splendor In The Grass" by Melinda Bula
(Sorry for the poor photo. There was a crowd around this quilt, so I kept getting bumped.
I did get to talk to Melinda for a while. She is so nice and does not put pressure on herself to be perfect when making her quilts. She uses 30wt. Sulky rayon thread matching it in her bobbin so the back of her quilt is thread art of the front. She uses black fabric for the back. Thank you Melinda for spending the time to talk with me.)

"Bird Bath Social"
by Ann Horton
2nd Place
(This quilt had a lot going on. Definitely a quilt that reflected the theme "Celebrate Spring"!

"After The Rains"
by Betty Busby
Honorable Mention
(This quilt was unbelievable to me. I have seen it in magazines before but in reality it is
an outstanding piece and such an unusual subject matter. The colors are just a beautiful
range of subtle changes. The quilting was perfect. I would have placed this higher than HM.)

by Marlene Shea
White Ribbon
Love how this artist achieved making such a strong statement for all of us.

"Little Stinker"
by David Taylor
Pink Ribbon
(David won Best of Show last year for his Rooster quilt. This one was just as detailed but perhaps too close of a theme to lasts year to win again. But he did get a ribbon.)

I will post more when I have more time. Hope those of you who were unable to attend enjoy seeing these here, but there is nothing like seeing them in person.


Kay said...

Thanks for the post. It's interesting how different people focus on different quilts. None of these were favorites of mine, although I do like the subtlety of the one with the rocks. I'm glad to have no animals or birds on the best of show this time either. I generally whiz through Celebrate Spring and head for Hands All Around since those quilts seem more unusual to me. I enjoyed the show, and am glad I went. The blog comments have all been very enthusiastic, I notice.

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