Apr 18, 2009

International Quilt Festival

Spent all day yesterday at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. What a spectacular show!
Got lots of inspiration, met some really interesting quilters, bought some really nice fabric, thread, tools and caught the world's worse cold! Started sneezing and blowing my nose 1/2 way through the show and never stopped, but I was strong. I forged ahead and kept going!!!!

Now I am paying for it. So I am sitting here at the computer checking emails with a quilt wrapped around me. Poor Bob has to work the store alone on a Saturday, which is not easy.

I will post some photos of the show when I am feeling better. Does anyone know if it is okay to put quilts you see at a show on your blog? I assumed it is as long as you give the artist their credit but do not want to break any copyright law and recently found out I was wrong about other copyright
rules. So your help would be appreciated.


Eva said...

What if you write mails to the artists asking their permission? They should be pleased to be featured.

Eva said...

Hope your cold will be gone soon!

Kay said...

The show program says you can post if you give credit to maker and mention the name of the show. So go ahead. I took some pictures off my blog from another show after reading a discussion about this, but since this show gives permission it must be ok and part of the entrants' agreement when they enter their quilts. I'll be interested to read your comments. I too thought it was a good show this year.

Libby Fife said...

Hope you feel better, Barbara. Can't wait to see what pictures you took.

Quilts, Inc. said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, it is absolutely okay to post photos from International Quilt Festival. We only ask that you include proper credit to each of the artists and note that they were taken at Festival.

And we are so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your time at the show!

the staff from International Quilt Festival

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