Apr 16, 2009

Crows Pins

Even though Easter ended up being extended through Wednesday, I did manage to get this far with my fun project "Crows Pins!" on Friday night. So now I am at a quandry. Do I stop, leaving it simple or should I add more. My thought was perhaps a branch coming in on the upper left and a few simple leaves on it or just quilting that in. The crows will all have legs on them and a few may have a thread from the fabric in their mouth. I plan on adding some folds in the fabrics and having some of them go out into the border.
What do you think about the border. Is is sufficient? Should I add another or just a binding in a contrasting color? This little quilt measures about 11 X 34 inches. Hope you enjoy my humor for this springtime fun project.


Libby Fife said...

I like the border as is. Some branches and leaves might complete the scene and put the crows in a more detailed context. Legs and thread are good:)

The only thing I didn't understand about was the folds in the fabric. Did you mean to suggest the laundry is sort of rippling?

The idea of a dark binding would really frame it and I think eliminate the need for a 2nd border. If you wanted to do a second border I would keep it dark to put your focus back into the quilt. Again, it is a great frame.

I do love your sense of humor, I have to say. It translates well to your quilts.

Debra Dixon said...

I think the title is very funny!

I think a simple leaf or two coming off a branch is a great idea. It will echo the horizontal line of the clothesline and give a point of reference from the where the birds might be coming.

I like the border just fine and would probably keep it simple with a narrow binding.

Super Piece!

Terri Stegmiller said...

I'm not one to like crows, black birds, etc. I think it's just the live versions I dislike. This piece is so cute!

Claire O'Connor said...

Barbara, this is just DELIGHTFUL!!! Makes me wanna scrap my plans for the day and get in the studio! LOVE the title, too!! Thanks!

Eva said...

I agree with Debra, a few leaves could be nice, maybe a small group of them -- laying them out will show what is best. The birds are so funny, and I hope they won't drop anything on the laundry.

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