Jan 17, 2009

Quilting progress

Making progress on quilting my flowers etc. so I can start the bead work. With the cold temperatures and grey days, it is nice to be working in turquoise/teal and orange.

Have been rethinking my Mulberry Bush quilt and think I am ready once again to begin the girls.
So hopefully over the weekend I will make some progress. My quilting friend, Claudia, had some great ideas for me. It is nice when you are stuck to have someone to get you thinking again and moving in the right direction.


Carmen Rose said...

Ooo, post photos soon! I'd like to see what it looks like beaded!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Aren't we lucky to have our quilting to do as we experiece this coldest in 12 years Wisconsin winter. I hardly leave the house.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Beads coming right up! haha.

This weather is awful....feels like a heat wave at 20 degrees today!
Oh for summer and sitting on the porch drinking lemonade. :)

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