Jan 19, 2009

Still working!

I did not get much studio time yesterday. It started in my kitchen when I opened a cupboard door and decided to undo the clutter that had developed in there. That led to opening all cupboard doors and eliminating all the pots I never use, gadgets that are never used, worn out appliances and whatever else just needed dumping or a trip to Good Will. I guess I was purging. It ended up taking all of my morning and part of the afternoon.

Then my dear husband, asked me if I was in the mood for a date night. Now a date night for us means picking up a gourmet pizza and a movie and relaxing together. I was not going to pass up on that. So at 3:30 we are eating pizza (not so bad since no lunch was served during my purge)! We then watched not one, but two movies. I will not even tell you the titles because they were awful.

You see, we got this new blu ray player and now all my husband wants are blu ray movies. Our local movie rental carries only action films so far in Blu ray. This is not my style and to be honest, no his either. By the end of the two movies, he was cured! So now we will just watch good movies whether blu ray or not.

By the time we were finished with watching those it was time for two of my favorite shows, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I really wished it was time for me to begin beading on my floral quilt because with all this tv/movie watching I would have been well along my way! Unfortunately I am still quilting it.
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So I am off to work on one of my two quilts. I think it is time to construct some of my new girls.


Eva said...

Watching movies can rob time! I found the good solution to do my quilting while watching movies. I have my little lamp that does not disturb the screen by reflection. And dialoges and music tell me when I have to look up. Hope you can be progressing with your flower quilt, it is such an amazing thing!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

That is a great idea, but I am set up in my studio and not where our tv is. If I am hand sewing I can do both, that was why I wanted to get the quilting done on my flower quilt so I could not waste time just sitting in front of the tv.

The flower quilt is turning out really nice. I am doing quite of bit of quilting on it and that is why it is taking me a bit longer than first thought. I do not want to rush it, so will try to be patient with it.


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