Jan 2, 2009

Quilting begins

Happy New Year to Everyone!

My husband and I do not like to go out on New Years, so we rented some movies to play on our new Blu Ray Player. I must admit....it is amazing! The detail is incredible. Unfortunately our movie rental store only had a limited selection of films in Blu Ray so......we watched Indiana Jones and the newest Batman movie. None of these are my thing, but they were sort of fun to watch just for the special affects etc. I have now had my fill for the next year though!

New years day I had some time to begin quilting on "Pinecones". I am enjoying this quilt as it is simple in design and only about 30 by 24 in size. I added a small sparrow. I just love birds so much I could not resist putting a little fellow in the pines. I am following the lines in the background fabric for my quilting and using a heavy line quilt stitch in black. Unfortunately I have not gotten enough of that finished to show you yet. The needles took quite a bit of time and were sort of monotonous but I like the results. Hope you do too.

My last picture is of my long lasting friend, Mr. Chapstick. I have this habit of licking my lips when I am really concentrating on a quilt. I swear sometimes I am surprised I have lips left! So Mr. Chapstick comes with me everywhere. I do not know where I would be without him!


Libby Fife said...

I love the addition of the bird-I think it adds something extra that is great-I liked the piece as it was but also like this too.

Read your comments on Elizabeth Barton's blog regarding techniques, etc. I agree with you about the foundation skills. I find that I feel more capable with those skills and that they add to the process-I hate feeling like I lack basic skills.

Thanks Again,

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Glad you like the bird. I thought about it for a while but just could not resist.

I enjoy Elizabeth's blog quite a bit. She is very serious about her work and she does make you think.

Yes, like anything you need to start with a good foundation. Thanks for the comments.

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