Dec 30, 2008


Unfortunately there was not a lot of time this weekend for working in my studio. I had this urge to take all the Christmas decorations down and packed up on Sunday. I am not sure why since I usually leave them up until after the new year. I think it is because of all the snow and really being sick of winter already. I am glad I did it though as the house has a fresh feel to it now and I rearranged my living room as well. Doing that always makes me feel good and gives me a new perspective of "things". Then on Monday my daughter Molly and her boyfriend Mark came to spend the day. Mark has just graduated from college and we were going to take him out to dinner to celebrate. I also wanted to give my Bernina Sewing Machine to Molly so she had a good machine to use. Right now she is sewing for decorative purposes. Maybe one day that will change like it did for me.

I did get my borders on "Pinecones". I decided I liked the simplicity of this quilt the way it is. I had originally thought of chopping it into segments and doing more with it, but it just seems perfect to me the way it is. I know the quilting will enhance it just a bit more and that should be exactly what it needs.


Nellie's Needles said...

Wonderful! It's as though I'm looking into the night out of a window with a lamp lighting up the pine tree branch hanging "right there".

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you Nellie. I am happy you see what was intended.

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