Jan 2, 2009


For all of you wonderful quilters who have left comments in the last couple of weeks and recieved nothing in response I want to let you know that I was unaware of the comments. I have just found them and answered them. I used to be notified in my email and for some reason that was no longer happening. I may have inadvertantly changed something and will check into that. So they are all posted now and I thank you all so much for visiting and commenting. :)

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Nellie's Needles said...

An easy way to check for comments is to go to the dashboard for your blog. There will be a notice of how many comments need to be moderated which is a live link you click.

To get to the dashboard, click on the blogger icon at far left in the blue bar at the top of your blog page.

Another good thing to do in order to see which post a comment belong to, is to click on "post" located in parenthesis at the top of the window where unmoderated comments appear.

But then easiest of all is to let the posts appear on your blog as they're written. That is not my favored way, I want to have a bit of control as well as to know who posted what and when.

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