Jan 12, 2009

Quilting and Cleaning

Yesterday was spent doing long overdue heavy cleaning. It just had to be done and I had put it off way to long. The only time I have to do it is on one of my two days off because once I start I do not like to quit until it is finished.

The good news is I started early and finished by 3pm so could work on my beaded quilt beginning the quilting. I hope today to work some more on that as well as perhaps start making one of my girls for the mulberry quilt. We will see how far I get. ( We are supposed to get snow so that means I will get my first hand at using our snowblowers.) I did drop some beads on it just to see how the colors will look and I think some of these will work. I also added a few more flowers. Just did not look balanced to me the way it was. I think it is much better now.

Saturday night I went out to get a photo of the full moon. I know it is called something strange but forgot its name. The shadows from the trees in my yard were so sharp it was just beautiful and peaceful out there. My camera is not good enough to get good shots, but you will get a bit of the feel. It would have been a great night for a walk.

Yesterday while working at my kitchen sink I was watching all the mourning doves line up on the power lines at the back of our lot. They do this everyday now. I am happy to see them.

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