Jan 13, 2009

Bit 'O Progress

Had time to begin quilting on the floral quilt I plan on beading. I am starting out with varigated threads. I plan on using some rayons and finally some metallic. When that is all complete I will begin beading. I found it very hard to work on the black and white fabric especially the mums. For some reason my eyes kept losing focus, like I was in a maze! So I decided that was enough of working on that and switched to piecing the background and two borders on the Mulberry Quilt. I had for gotten how time consuming that job is when doing a larger sized piece.
Plus I was being very careful since the inner border is only 1 inch wide. But I finished it and
actually began work on one of the girls who is furthest in the background.


LFF said...

Barbara-I am so curious to see how you construct the figures. I have never depicted people before so I am getting a sense for how to maybe do it. Plus, your fabric selection is fantastic-as usual. I like the additions you made to the floral piece also. I am not sure if you were saying this but I too recently had trouble working with the color black. It just seemed very heavy to me. Anyway:) Thanks again for the great post,

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you for your comment Libby. This is my first attempt at people as well. They will look a bit odd when putting them together since they overlap at points. I hope I am successful and had told another blogger my fear is it looking too much like a baby quilt in the end and not have that old story book feel. So I will just give it a shot. Thank you for the encouragement!

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