Jan 15, 2009

New Header

How do you like my new header? My daughter, Molly, designed this for me. She made up business cards, which she gave me for Christmas and now this new header for my blog which is my logo. I am very happy with it and very proud of her and her talent as a graphic designer. If anyone needs some work done, I recommend her.

I worked part of the day on the beaded floral quilt. Finished quilting the black and white flowers.
Now I am switching to a rayon thread for some sheen and then I will add the metallic. After that I should be ready to bead it.

Today, since we are experiancing the coldest day in a decade here with temps at -15 and windchills of -40 we will keep our business closed. So.....I am planning on working on the Mulberry quilt in between the machine quilting. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share with you later.

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