Nov 18, 2008

Winter has arrived

As you can see, winter has arrived in Wisconsin. It was strange how it got really dark and I was turning on lights in the house when the next thing I knew it was almost a white out outside. However, I had been cooking a pot roast as well as baking and the house was smelling of comfort food and cookies so it all tied together. Did not have any extra time to work on the new quilt. Have definitely decided to leave the trees out. May add a border and also some pieced blocks. Need to audition a few things before making up my mind. In the meantime I have decided on some of the quilting so am about ready to go on that. This quilt is fun and enjoyable for me. I have definitely decided not to enter the challenge after all. Just am not inspired by the fabric or putting that much effort and time, that is precious to me, into a contest.

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