Nov 7, 2008

On to the binding!

Believe it or not, I am on to the binding! Started it this morning but then needed to get to my antique store

I am really happy with this quilt. Now I am sort of upset with myself that I worked on it while adjusting to a new machine. I can see my tension was not perfect throughout the process. I am disappointed with that although the quilt looks good from the front. It is mainly on the back that you can pick up on some stitches where the tension should have been higher or lower.

I hope to get the binding finished tonight and then the pocket and label over the weekend.

My husband is doing much better so he is not requiring as much assistance from me, opening up windows of time to work in my studio. So hopefully my final pictures of this project will be ready for you to see next week.

A new quilt shop opened nearby and my quilting sister Bonnie and I want to go check that out soon too. I love to do that even though I try to find everything I need first at my local shop, The Sewing Basket. They have been so supportive and friendly over there that it has been a big help to me in keeping a positive attitude and to feel good about my work.

In these bad economic times, try to support your local quilt shops so they all can make it through and stay open. We need them in our communities.

Got out in my garden for some inspiration for a new quilt someday and took some shots of
the dead and dying. They can be pretty interesting.

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