Nov 5, 2008

Unexpected Event

Last Tuesday my husband Bob went to the doctor with what we thought was a bad stomach ache.
Turned out to be gall stones from a bad gall bladder. So off to the hospital he went. I closed up our antique store and went to meet him at the hospital. The next day they did surgery and now he is on the mend. Amazing how everyday life takes these unexpected turns. That was the last thing on our minds.

While I stayed home with him I had the chance to work on my quilt while he slept. I have finished the sheep, added some foreground details and started on the border. I am thinking if I can find the time I should be able to complete this quilt in a week. But don't hold me to that. Here are some detailed pictures of my progress. If you look closely you can now see what is behind the title "Who's There?" (Sorry for the bad pictures when they are enlarged. I will get better ones on here when finished.)

I find it sort of ironic that I am working on this and added the wolf just when our
seemingly peaceful and serene life is struck by something lurking and hidden as a health problem ready to turn things upside down for a while. Seems life does that doesn't it?

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