Nov 13, 2008


I am thinking of entering Keepsake Quiltings Spring Challenge. I ordered the medley of Fabric and thought perhaps before starting out on my next quilt I will do this quickly and try to win the cash prize. I recieved the fabric yesterday. It is a very strange medley, typical of this type of thing and not my usual choice of patterns etc. But I sort of like that it forces me out of the box and "challenges" me.

I have something in mind, luckily you only need to use 4 of the 6 fabrics they send and can add 2 of your own. If I can come up with something quickly I will go ahead and do this, but if nothing comes to me, I will not use precious time on it. It has only to be 30X30 in size including borders so it should not be too difficult or time consuming.

We will see how it goes.

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