Oct 9, 2008


I have been learning so much about thread and needle size working on this quilt. One thing is for sure, a good quality thread makes all the difference on the quality of your free motion quilting. Now that I can be more precise with tension on this Pfaff 4.0, I have been working hard to get my stitches perfect even when going through multiple layers as well as fusible. I am getting much better although there are times when I am still not satisfied. Lots of ripping out has been going on, but hopefully this quilt will be the one that solves my tension problem (comment made by judge at Quilt Expo).

I have been taking lots of notes about each of the types of threads I am using and what tension as well as what size needle gives me the best stitches. This has been very useful when switching threads at various times when quilting.

I do think I will switch to a finer fusible in my next quilt as my needle does gum up a lot when working for longer lengths of time. So perhaps Misty Fuse will give me less of a problem with that.

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Nellie's Needles said...

I take it that you're using top stitch or jeans needles. They have a deeper scarf/groove in the shaft of the needle that protects threads when the needle pushes them through to make the stitch. And the larger the needle, the more protection.

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