Oct 11, 2008

Birthday Party

Just finishing up the day at our antique shop. Then when I get home at 5 my two sons and my daughter in law, Becky along with my grandson Max will be there. I prepared lasagna and asked my husband to pop it in the oven at about quarter to 5.

They are all here to celebrate my husbands 69th birthday. I can not believe he is 69. That time
really went fast. Luckily he is doing well since his bipass surgery 5 years ago.

So it will be a fun evening playing with Max and visiting with Jason Jon and Becky. Then tomorrow we will all drive to Molly and Marks for the birthday bash. It is supposed to be beautiful again and in the high 70's so we will take the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT 500 (do you think this car has a long enough name?) Convertible up with the top down since there will not be many of these weekends left.

Here is a picture of it. We both have so much fun with it. We were at the Blue Harbor Car Show
when this picture was taken. That is my husband Bob posing with his baby. It was in the 90's that day and it was not that long ago! Now it is fall but the color is at its peak here and it is gorgeous driving through the countryside.

My new paperbark Maple just started turning red in the last few days. I am excited to see how
red it gets and hope to take some photos on Monday.

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