Oct 8, 2008


I am sorry I have not been keeping up on here for a while now. I have been quilting on "Who's There?" but this quilt is much more time consuming than any of my previous quilts. I finished all the leaves going down the sides and am just about finished with the ferns at the bottom. Then I will finish the large tree and the water. The water is going to be the biggest challenge and will make or break this quilt. Not too much pressure! I am a bit stressed out about it and hope what is in my mind translate to the quilt.

This weekend is busy again, so there may not be much time for quilting. Somehow I will find some time.

My sister Bonnie came over on Tuesday morning to show me a primitive witch her best friend made for her. What a fabulous job she did. It was so good. Bonnie loves primitives so she was very happy. We then discussed some challenges I was having learning a new machine and progressing on my quilt. She wants to start her first art quilt but is busy with her job, making something for Halloween and taking care of her household. Can you identify? It was so nice to spend some time with her as lately she does not have much to spare. She is the one who keeps me going forward when I am doubting myself, which I tend to do at some point in each of my quilts. I rely on her for a lot of support and she is always there for me. I try to do the same for her and hope that we always have each other.

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