Mar 19, 2015


Because I like to quilt as I go rather then quilt around a lot of objects, I need to add a fish now even though early on.  So I draw him out on tissue and then take a sheet of fusible and trace all the parts of him labeling them with what they are and what color they are.  This is all done in reverse of the way he will face on the quilt.
 Then I cut out all the pieces and peel the fusible off.

 Using a long my teflon sheet, a long needle and my tissue drawing I place the parts onto the fish in order.  It does not have to be exactly is your fish you know.

Once he is finished.....I place him on the background and will fuse him down and quilt him.
This construction took me one full hour before quilting.


WoolenSails said...

This is going to be a fun piece, love the fabrics on the fish.


Jacqueline said...

You are great at picking fabric to represent your image.

Unknown said...

quick question? why do you need to fuse? I just lay my stuff down, pin and then sew.......thanks much!!! as usual, it will be fantastic!!! my you are prolific!!!

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