Mar 31, 2015


 I must apologize for not posting for a while but you will see below that I ahve been busy with my lower level project as well as the newest member of the family. 

I have found time to work in between and am in the process of quilting  the right side of this piece.
Still the furthest back parts of the art quilt.  Then I will work on the left side before adding the foreground items.  This is being done sort of intuitively rather then by a sketch of the total seascape.  I sketch out the individual items and select the fabric and place them.  A little risky but makes me fun too.  Some will get rejected I am sure but that is okay....they can be saved for a later project.

 In the meantime work continues on my "lower level".  Used to call it the basement because that is what is was basically but now it is turning into a great office and tv watching space for my husband and family when they are all over.  We did all the framing and the insulation with help from kids.  Then drywallers came in and electricians to do the rest and to texture and prime the walls.  Then I painted with some help from my daughter Molly.  Now come a new patio door and then carpeting and a return visit from the electrician to put in ceiling lights and finish all the outlets.   It will be a great space.

Then there is PeeWee.   Still small but very very active!   Loves being with me in the studio and is still learning the "Rules".  That means many interruptions when I am trying to work...but he is a sweety and getting along well with his sister and brothers. 


WoolenSails said...

Your piece looks so much nicer on blogger than Facebook, the colors show up better and I can see the quilting better. Pee wee sure has grown, so glad you could give him a loving home. We are waiting for the shower tub for our basement, finally putting the bathroom in so that will be a mess but then we can clean out the basement and finish that off this spring.


Jacqueline said...

You sure know how to stay busy. Love your work as always and glad to see how it is proceeding.

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