Oct 7, 2014


 I have been doing my best to work as much as I can on this piece.  It is difficult right now because my Mother has come home on Sat. and before my sister can move in we are all taking turns staying with her.   However, progress is being made and I should have the partially finished pine done tomorrow.

I am very fortunate that my house is nestled in the Kettle Moraine State Forest so when I need to stretch a bit I can now take a walk into the woods and clear my thoughts as well as stretch my legs.  This little entry is right off our side yard.

 There are no mosquitos now...we had a frost the other night.  So walking in the leaves and with yellowing leaves overhead is like heaven.

I love the sharp contrast of the black dark bark and the lime green leaves, the verticals and the horizontals,  the sounds....and sometimes the absence of sound.   It is better then meditation, better then going to a spa, better then most everything.


Jacqueline said...

I really enjoy seeing the progress on your piece.

WoolenSails said...

Love the needles and (cones?) on the trees, they look just like some of our pines in the back. This is the perfect time to go walking, no bugs but there are hunters now, so I try to go to places they aren't allowed.


Susan Turney said...

The quilt is, of course, wondrous! As is your location. What a beautiful spot you've chosen to live in! As much as I hate winter, it looks like a fun area to wander even if there's snow on the ground. I think you'll have lots of company during the holidays! So happy your mother is back home and your sister can be with her. A big adjustment, I would think, but how lucky she's able to do it!

Rian said...

Wow. How lucky are you to just be able to trot off to the forest and do the moving meditation thing. Nice!!! Your art will be waiting for you.

Libby Fife said...

What a wonderful and soothing patch of land you have there to walk in. That is a boon!

Everything will be settled soon; try not to stress too much:)

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