Oct 11, 2014


I am very close now.....to the end....Just the foreground to do yet. 

Things have been a bit of a muddle.  My Mother is home but it means care and watching over her.
This week I will take 3 days to be there, other brothers and sisters will take the others.  Then there are still some final outdoor landscaping projects to finish before winter so I steal time for the studio here and there because I have learned that even if you can only work for an hour it pays off.

Hope you are enjoying this journey with me.


WoolenSails said...

Really love the way you did the landscaping, lots of nice textures going on. I hope you mom feels better quickly and it is nice that you have help and can take turns to be with her.


Susan Turney said...

It's just amazing. Who would have thought this was where it was going when we started watching? May your week be peaceful and calm.

Libby Fife said...

This one is just full of detail. You keep working at it too which is great.

Hope Mom is doing well. She has a lot of great help I bet:)

Rian said...

Looking good, Barb!

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