Jul 10, 2014


 Whenever I sell an Art Quilt of mine I am always very grateful and joyous.  However, when I sell one to a Hospital or Health Care Facility I am even more honored because I know it will be viewed by many people, some of whom are sick and in need of something to take their minds off of their problems if even for a moment.   Today I sold three of my art quilts to UW Madison Health At the American Center....a new facility being opened in August of 2015.
 I am honored to be part of this art Collection which will be in this  Center.

I hope the my work brings peace to each person who views it.

I am also very happy that some of my work is now in a Wisconsin hospital so very close by.


WoolenSails said...

Congratulations on the sales and I agree, having them viewed at the hospital and by people who need calm in their lives is a bonus.


Unknown said...

So wonderful Barbara!

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