Jul 6, 2014


My daughter, Molly, came down with her husband Mark to help work on the new house.
We did the kitchen backsplash tile.  It was a first for me....she did it with Mark at their house about a year ago.  It is not near as hard as you think and the cutting part is sort of
where quilting comes in when figuring out where to mark the tile to make the right cuts.
It is somewhat messy especially when cutting the tiles but all in all very rewarding.  I am so happy with the results and can't wait until the appliances come in two weeks so we can finish the other wall.  I need the microwave in to be sure how far up to go above the range.

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WoolenSails said...

I dread doing ours, but I know it will be nicer than just painting them. I am so picky, makes it hard to pick something out, I like simple, easy to clean and has to be pleasing to my eye and hard to tell with the small samples how it will look, all over.

Yours is coming out nice, I need smaller ones so it doesn't over power the kitchen.


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