Jul 1, 2014


 Looking from messy living room into the den.

 New light fixture in dinette between living room and kitchen

 Living Room and Den

 Freshly painted Den.  No more Packer Green.

 Looking from Den into Living Room

 Goodbye Packer Green in Dining Room

 Almost finished today but not quite.

 Looking from Dining Room into Den and past the Front Door.

Looking from Den into Dining Room...ignore the foyer color here...it is not green like that...just neutral.

Whew!  Tomorrow will finish dining room and then wash windows on this floor....and then it will be finished for new flooring and appliance delivery.

Will start painting upstairs next.  It is all white....the white that builders paint it and only one bedroom was ever painted and that is the bright yellow one that is going to go.  But first will do the Master and the Master bath as that is getting new floors and he is coming
on the 17th to do that so must get it finished before hand.  Have plenty of time so that is good.


WoolenSails said...

It is coming along nicely, the light shades really open up the spaces. Did you get the light online or from a local shop. I cannot seem to find anything I like and the space I have is a pain to do. It is not centered to the table and Bill said we should do recessed. The problem is, we will be taking a wall down to open the kitchen to that area, so I don't want something too permanent of expensive, but nice for now.


Libby Fife said...

The Mad Painter! Wow! What a wonderful light fixture also. You have quite an eye:)

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