Jun 30, 2014

Living Room

 This is how the living room looked this morning.....worked on it all day and part of the den.   I have now said goodbye to the ugly gold.
You can see the landscape a bit out these windows in living room.  Just love it out there.
You can also see the lighting has made this grey look different in each pic.  it is sort of in-between these two.

Tomorrow will finish den and hopefully the dining room.  That will be the entire first floor  done.  They will move up to bedrooms...not all of them but the master and one that was painted a bright yellow.  Maybe the guest bath too.  Hate to wait when it is so easy with no furniture or other things to work around.

Really tired now though...have been going to be around 9 or 9:30 lately....so worth it though....just seeing it transform everyday.


WoolenSails said...

You sound like me, vacation week wore me out and now I am trying to catch up and getting tired again;)


Libby Fife said...

The Energizer Bunny! Lovely color on the walls and from what I can see, lovely views too:)

Susan Turney said...

Wow. What a difference and what a sense of satisfaction you must have. It's so nice you don't have a deadline to be out of your other house and can take the time but hopefully it sells the minute you finish all the improvements!

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