May 29, 2014


 Here is my excuse for being a little distracted of late.  Summer has arrived and after that long cold miserable winter....who can stay inside on a day like today. means mowing and weeding have returned as well.  I love doing that when it is nice it is fine with me.  What is harder is my mother's also needs the same thing ....weeding and planting have also been out there helping her.  I keep telling myself ....this is better then the tread mill!!!!

 Then the vegetable garden needed planting....things are not up yet but getting there.

The kale is doing well and the rhubarb has already been made into one dessert and is ready to be picked again.
I like to keep my herbs in pots close to the deck so I can pick some fresh for different meals or when grilling chicken or pizza.

I did get back in the studio long enough to finish quilting the twigs on the background of my newest piece.  Now will begin the bird.


WoolenSails said...

It is hard to stay in, when it is so beautiful out, but being outside gives us inspiration, so we are still working on quilting in our minds;)


WoolenSails said...
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Rian said...

That's a pretty nice excuse, actually.

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