Mar 28, 2014

Beginning The Construction

 I finished quilting the entire background so today I began the beginnings of all the details starting with what is the furthest in the distance which in this case is a line of leafless trees or large shrubs and a line of evergreens.    The evergreens will have a birch tree with yellow leaves on it in front of them so I do not worry about making them perfect as much of them will be hidden.

Here is how it looks in its full view.

Then I sketched  the ducks on tissue.  For those who are new to my blog, I do that so I can lay the sketch on both the quilt background to be sure of proportion and placement and also I use it as a guide when constructing the object on my teflon sheet .

I always make my building some what perfectly in the sketch but when I construct it out of fabric I free cut it so it is just a bit off making it not only look more real but to add some movement and interest to the structure.

Here they both are pinned on the background and I am happy with the size of them as well  as how nicely they fit the space.  The ducks will be moved apart a big but you can still see they will work out well in the foreground, giving the piece the depth it needs.

So the part I enjoy the most is beginning...stay tuned for changes to keep coming each day.  Well hopefully each is the weekend so may get distracted with a few other things.


Robbie said...

Interesting process....look forward to seeing it completed.

WoolenSails said...

I love how you work the stitching in the background, something I want to try since i always wait and then there is too many objects to quilt around.


Unknown said...

Ohhh! The fun begins!!!

Susan Turney said...

So exciting! This is going to be another stunner!

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