Nov 22, 2013

Tree Quilting

Quilted the tree branches in today.  Now will be taking a few days off because in a little while my Grandsons, Max and Clayton will be arriving for a sleep over.   So I will be spending as much time as I can with them until they leave in the morning.  After they leave my daughter Molly comes and we are spending a mother daughter day shopping and have lunch together down in Milwaukee.   She will stay over night afterwards and leave Sunday .   So a busy couple of days to have some fun and take a break.  


WoolenSails said...

Love it! I was wondering, when you start and stop your stitches, do you tack it by doing a few stitches in one place? I was wondering about that and how to keep the ends looking nice so you see my thread painting, not sloppy stitching, lol.

Sounds like a fun way to enjoy the weekend. I have been cleaning and getting things done so i can go out tomorrow and Bill can drive me around;) My son is going to come later to help get the old heavy furniture out of here, time to declutter.


Bruce the Great said...

Are the tree branches put down by machine?

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