Nov 25, 2013

Progress & Good Cat Bad Cat

Continuing to work on my Farm scene today.  The weekend was a lot of fun with grandkids and a shopping trip with my daughter Molly.  However, today it is back to business and moving ahead on this piece.  I will quilt these buildings now before moving into the foreground.

In the meantime I continue to have my studio cats with me.

 Watson is so good….sleeps in his bed…rarely gets in my way…just keeps me company.

Zoey is a different story….she has to be right in the thick of things, like here, where she is draped across my teflon sheet while I am constructing those little sheds for my new piece.  Just wants to be where you are working and with a hot iron I must be very careful to watch her so she does not get in trouble.  She is a sweety pie so you can not get mad at her at all.  Well maybe sometimes, but I get over it really fast.


WoolenSails said...

I didn't realize you were adding buildings in the background, love it. My kitties are too much trouble to let in my room, and with the iron on, always afraid they will knock it over on themselves.


Loris said...

Oh, this piece looks interesting!
Gotta love those quilt helpers :-)

Terri Stegmiller said...

LOL, I have the same good cat bad cat situation at my home too. One in the way right where the action is and the other could care less. Have fun, they make us laugh.

Susan Turney said...

Love this new "primitive"! The kitties are so cute....scary with the iron, though!

annie said...

I'm enjoying watching this come along, I love the trees!

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