Oct 21, 2013

Fuchsia Construction

 I have all my drawings finished....took quite a while....did some while watching the Packer Game.  It helps me to not feel guilty about not working for 3 hours!  Once finished on tracing paper, I like to roughly lay then out on my background to see if I have enough for my composition.
In this case I needed two more fuchsia flowers so I did those before proceeding.

 Once I have all my "parts" I start with one and number each petal, leaf, bud, etc. and then trace the reverse side, singling out each one,  with fusible paper.   All of my fabric selections have been made in advance so I fuse each piece onto the fabric that I have selected for that particular petal or leaf.

 You can see above that these are all the darker fuchsia colored pieces.  Now they have to be cut out individually and then the fusible paper is peeled off leaving the heat set glue on the back of each piece.

 Once that is finished I use my tracing paper drawing again.  This time to place each piece where it belongs.  Once it is lined up correctly I fuse it down to my teflon sheet.  The teflon sheet allows you to construct the entire flower on your ironing surface.  Once it is finished and cooled you can peel it off and place it on your background and refuse it there.

 The flower continues to grow.  Always remember, the quilting will add a lot of texture and detail to this flower but that comes later.
 Now the fuchsia is finished and ready to place on the background.

 I start another one immediately.  Once you are "in the groove" it is good to keep working.  Things will move along much smoother and the second one will go together a lot faster because of it.

Here are the first two on the background.   These two took me from 9AM until 4PM to construct so it is not as fast as it may look on here.  I did take a few breaks to do laundry and grab a bite to eat in between though. It is good to rest your brain and move around a little and stretch when working in the studio most of the day.

Hope you are enjoying the process.   Stay tuned as there are lots of fuchsia to come along with leaves and stems and then two beautiful ruby throated hummingbirds!


WoolenSails said...

Those colors look gorgeous against the background.


Susan Turney said...

I so love watching! I'm anxious to see your fabrics for the birds!

Sandra said...

You do such a nice job on your tutorials! It's very generous of you to post them for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from. This one is going to be a beauty. Who doesn't love fushias and hummingbirds!

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