Oct 7, 2013

Final Addition

 I thought I would show you how I construct a very small bird for this piece.  This is just how I do it.  No rules here....just what I have found works for me.   this bird is about 2 inches long.  I start with a cutout of him to use as a guide.  This black fabric is very light.

 I have him drawn out on a piece of tracing paper that you saw me use on the quilt itself yesterday as a point of reference.

 I start with the furthest part of the bird from the front and layer as I come closer fusing them down.  This is where the tracing paper drawing helps with being sure it is placed where it needs to be.

I use a thin fabric marker to add some of the birds feather markings as they are way to small to fuse on.
 I continue layering.  I have chosen all my fabrics before hand.  So they are ready to go and I have drawn out the sections of the bird on my fusible web ahead too. 

 The process moves along fairly well as you can see but it is tiny pieces so takes longer then it looks.....but......
At the end of several hours...your blue jay is ready to be quilted on.


WoolenSails said...

I like how you did that and in such a small scale, wonderful technique.


Susan Turney said...

He's fabulous!

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