Sep 26, 2013

Scenic Ride

 Rode what seemed like 10 miles but ended up being only 6!  It is so hilly here and the bike path is still compromised going East so you have to take the Hilly western section. 

 However you do get to go on the bridge over the Mullet River shown here and it is just turning colors now so it is beautiful.

 I used to ice skate all the way from the ice skating rink up this river.  We would count the bridges and tell people how many bridges we passed to brag about our accomplishements. 

After the river I pass the big soccer /baseball/ softball field which sees plenty of activity in the summer.  It is beautiful and is enjoyed by all the local teams.  This is the flatest section before coming to more big hills.

So....nothing to show from the studio but I promise to get back at it tomorrow.


WoolenSails said...

Great place to ride, I love riding along river ways.
I use all trails when we go out, it works on land and water and fun to chart our distance and speed and I can take photos at various spots and it stores it as a trip for future use or if others want to try the same route.


Libby Fife said...

You are so, so lucky! That trail is beautiful and I just love all of that water. I bet during the winter it is really spectacular. Love that bridge too:)

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